How To Catch A Cheating Spouse

How To Catch A Cheating Spouse

Today's lifestyle has led to many complexities in relationships. The mindset of people has also changed to deal with relationships. How to catch a cheating spouse? This blog will give you all the information that you need to know.

The base of trust has become so weak that individuals have started doubting their spouses for cheating and find their actions suspicious or unusual. The spouses even try to spy on their partners' whereabouts, movements, and activities to get confirmation of spousal cheating. Some people make desperate attempts to record information as evidence of cheating using the latest technological tools.

They also appoint private investigators to track the movements and activities of the spouse.

What do you need to know before hiring a private investigator? Here we list the hints you must know!

People do not even resist encroaching into the privacy of their spouses, knowing full well that it is a breach of trust. A person becomes apprehensive about the spouse for various reasons, most of which are associated with a behavioral change. Some of the possible factors responsible for spousal cheating are as follows:

  • Carelessness about each other 
  • Unresolved marital issues related to incompatibility
  • Lack of morality and self-control
  • Unresponsive to personal and family commitments

It is crucial to catch a cheating spouse as you should be ready with sufficient evidence that indicates spousal cheating. Often, an infidel partner blames the other one, so you should make your ground strong to defend yourself.

Finding Clues For Cheating

How do you identify a cheating spouse? What are the indicators? Read on for all the answers here

Partners often suspect their spouses of cheating and try to find clues to confirm their suspicions. It gives them peace of mind. They can also use the latest digital tools and techniques for searching and collecting information as potential evidence of spousal cheating. The following habits by the spouse may be indicators of unfaithfulness : 

Hidden Messages Embedded In Files

A part of online communication may contain soft copy documents with embedded images that the user can open using secret codes. You may find some specific sources sending documents, files, and pictures that your spouse follows regularly. 

Locking or Password-Protected Phone

When the spouse makes the phone inaccessible by using password protection, which is not a regular habit, it indicates some exchange of information through the phone that needs to be kept private from others.

Change of Phone And SIM Card

If the spouse has two devices or SIM cards, there is a possibility of maintaining two sets of communications. It also indicates keeping the original identity secret for specific conversations. 

Monitoring On Spouse

Partners try to find clues and evidence to confirm whether the partners are cheating on them. It may not be possible to spy on their spouses’ movements and activities, so they often appoint a private investigator who can work on their behalf. Private investigators have professional experience handling such matters and provide all information about the location, communications, interactions, and activities of the person under monitoring.

There is a risk of accusing your partner of cheating without any concrete evidence. If you have confirmed the infidelity but want to collect enough evidence to prove it, you can depute a private investigator who can collect necessary details in your favor. 

A private investigator uses his skills and experience to gather and produce data that you may find relevant, either for peace of mind or from the legal point of view. The investigator is aware of the steps to maintain the reliability and acceptability of investigative evidence in the eye of the law. Investigators generally apply a professional approach to utilize different monitoring techniques to gather information about a possible cheating partner.

Modern devices based on the latest technology allow tracking the location and movements of others. Different gadgets and devices help monitor the communication and interaction patterns of the spouse. We will highlight some ways that are usually adopted to keep track of cheating spouses with the help of advanced technological tools.

  • GPS Tracker

The most efficient and reliable tool is the GPS-enabled tracking device that provides immediate information after collecting all the relevant data collected from the surroundings. It is the most effective tool for monitoring the location of any person. It is attached to any of the accessories or assets that the person is carrying. The tracker sends signals regularly informing us about the real-time location and movements.

The tracking devices like Family1st Portable GPS trackers are compact, lightweight, and portable, so they are not easily identifiable when fixed in suitable positions in the car, bag, purse, etc. The tools are available in a variety of designs and configurations that are accessible from remote locations. The devices have a long battery life making them convenient for tracking purposes. 

  • Phone call recording

Some digital tools are available in the form of apps that keep track of all incoming and outgoing calls through the phone and record conversations. It is possible to access the details online through remote applications that can be relevant evidence for future reference. It is an efficient app that keeps track of communication details. A hidden recorder kept in the car or bag can also record voice conversations that can act as proper evidence.

  •  Online chats

The most preferred mode of online communication nowadays is online chatting and messaging. The customized apps and tools help you view the online chats your spouse is following. The app keeps a record of contacts, dates, and timings of communications. The images or videos exchanged during communications can also be accessed and downloaded in your application, providing the necessary evidence supporting your charges.

  • Track Text Messages

Short Message Service or SMS forms a considerable part of online communication. It is possible to view and track the exchanged messages, using digital tools and techniques. It also shows the contact numbers involved in these messaging. This tool helps to gather some confirmed evidence for cheating.

  • Contact List Access

One of the methods of collecting clues is to view the contact list on another phone. The latest tools designed for this purpose can access and store all contact details, with relevant information like email addresses and birthdays. The app can upload all the contact details installed on the device, which act as a reference for checking and analysis.

  • Searching The Trash Folder of the Computer

The trash or recycle bin of a computer contains lots of data or files that the user considers not required for storing. The trash bin of a computer can give details of deleted documents and emails that may reveal facts about the exchange of unwanted information or communications. Advanced technical tools also help retrieve deleted information or messages from the phone.

Legal Implications

The lawful use of technology is always desirable to avoid its misuse. There are rules regarding the applications of a GPS device to track the whereabouts and movements of another person. You can fix a GPS tracker in your car. If your spouse shares the same car, you can monitor the location and movements through the GPS tracker.

If a couple owns a car by both names, any one of them can legally place a GPS tracker in the vehicle that tracks the location and movement while driving by the other. But, any non-owner spouse cannot put a tracking device in the vehicle. The evidence collected in this unlawful way is also not acceptable in court.

The legal consultant has sufficient knowledge about the legal use of a GPS device and guides you accordingly so that you might not face criminal charges for the illegal use of tracking devices. Different modes of surveillance like the photo, video, cc camera, etc. have specific guidelines of applications.


The purpose of monitoring is to collect evidence against the suspected spouse involved in cheating the partner. The monitoring results give the concerned person a valid ground to accuse the partner, and also can act as proof and evidence in a court of law. One must be alert to follow the lawful ways and best practices concerning tracking systems applications. You can hire a private investigator that professionally deals with the situation and provides first-hand information using various tools and techniques.

The data provided by the investigator can provide sufficient evidence to catch the cheating spouse. The entire process that you plan to track your spouse is stressful, emotionally challenging, and complicated. Hiring a private investigator also involves a lot of time and cost, along with legal formalities. The entire monitoring and tracking process needs intelligent actions and wise handling of the situations.

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