Child Abductions - How GPS Trackers Can Help Bring Your Kids Back To Safety?

Child Abductions - How GPS Trackers Can Help Bring Your Kids Back To Safety?

If there was a chart to depict the most vulnerable part of any society throughout all cultures and countries, children would be on the top. It is to be noted that the rate of child abduction in the United States is high. While there are variances in the quoted abduction figures, there is no denying that it is an alarming situation that needs attention. Surprisingly, in addition to strangers, the perpetrators are also family members and known individuals.

The abduction of 11-year-old Jaycee Dugard in Meyers, California & her reappearance after 18 years in 2009 had shaken American society. Jaycee was held captive and exploited for many years. An abduction can happen in places like a bus stop, a shopping mall, or on the street while children are cycling or playing. The most vulnerable are school-going children, as the younger ones or toddlers are always under the supervision of their parents. There are various categories of abductions that take place as follows:

  • Abduction by family members - happens mainly due to disagreements over custody of the child.
  • Abduction for ransom - the most common form of abduction.
  • Childless couple intending to raise the kid as their own.
  • Habitual sex offenders.
  • Organ trafficking for removal of organs.

To prevent such incidents and ensure the safety of their children, parents must adapt to technology & the best way to do this is to start using a GPS tracker for kids that can monitor your children. In this blog we can see How GPS Trackers Can Help Bring Your Kids Back To Safety?

What is a Child GPS Tracker?


A child GPS tracker is a reliable device to track your child's movements from one place to another at any time. It is a device that can make a big difference to your child's safety. GPS trackers are available in many forms. You can clip the smallest one to your child's outfit. If your child is old enough to handle a smartphone with limited functionality, there are alternatives like smartwatches that they may wear. The primary function of any GPS device is to locate your children in real time whenever they are away and out of sight.

Why is a Child GPS Tracker Necessary?

Being a parent is like having a part of your body living outside of it. While you are accountable for their safety, you also have the duty of bringing them up to be independent and responsible members of the community. However, you are only human, and as much as you would love to have the power to teleport, you simply cannot! In short, you cannot always be around your kids. 

And that is why you need a GPS tracking solution. Not to monitor but to protect your children from potential threats. 

How GPS Trackers Can Help Bring Your Kids Back To Safety?

  • By equipping your child with a GPS tracker, you may breathe easier knowing where they are at all times. Most contemporary GPS trackers contain a mobile app that can be downloaded on both parents' and family members' smartphones. As soon as your kids leave school, the GPS monitoring software lets you know where they are. Most of the time, the children follow a predetermined itinerary as you direct them. However, if you see that your child is straying from the path they usually take, you can call a friend who lives nearby to check on them right away.
  • Since children are so naïve, kidnappers can easily manipulate them. It's crucial to teach your youngster the advantages of a GPS monitoring gadget and the reasons they should carry one. The simplest method to gain trust is to teach kids not to respond to advances from strangers. Children must be taught how to use any GPS gadget they are carrying in case of a potential abduction because they cannot fight or overpower an abductor.
  • The goal is to be diplomatic and make your point without frightening them. Visit the sex offender register to find out who has been found guilty of committing sexual offenses in your area. By doing this, you can protect your child by being aware of potential predators.
  • Gardens and playgrounds are popular locations for kidnappers. They watch out for parents who frequently bring their kids to these locations. You must be aware of those around you at all times. Displaying the names of your family members on your automobile may seem innocent, but it sends a clear message to child predators looking for easy prey. Your children need to be educated, that in the event of an abduction, making a scene by yelling and fighting will help draw nearby adults' attention.
  • A GPS tracker with strong network coverage is recommended for your child’s GPS tracker. Each time your child goes out, ensure that the battery is fully charged.

Role of GPS Trackers in the Prevention of Child Abductions

GPS trackers may be the ideal tool for safeguarding and ensuring the safety of your children. Following are some points on how child GPS trackers can help prevent child abductions.

  • A child GPS tracker has a transmitter that can be attached to a child's backpack, wrist, cell phone, or computer. The transmitter determines its position using the current GPS network before transmitting it to a computer, or cell phone. 
  • The person's location is provided as a map coordinate, and if they are using a computer or smartphone, is displayed in real-time on a high-definition map, similar to Google maps.
  • Another brilliant way of tracking your child is to outfit shoes with GPS-tracking devices. The constant fear lurking in the mind of parents is child abduction in crowded places. Smart GPS shoes include built-in GPS units, cell phones, and motion detectors that act as a shield for your children. The real-time location is provided when your child leaves a central point farther than the parent has programmed. Parents may access the tracking website from anywhere and use Google Maps to see where the device is located. Monitoring of these gadgets is possible from anywhere in the world.
  • A toddler tag locator works well for finding children in crowds. With its built-in clip or accompanying Velcro strap, this discreet item attaches quickly to a child's shoe, garment, or book bag. The parent transmitter can be used as a keychain, making it portable. Parents will receive a prompt alarm moment their child travels more than 30 feet from the transmitter, making it easier for them to find their child. Additionally, parents can press a button on their transmitter to activate a loud alert on their child's receiving unit.
  • For the protection of their children, mothers of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) go through varying degrees of stress. Children affected with ASD tend to wander away and can put themselves in danger. The introduction of GPS-enabled clothing has greatly impacted the addressing autism and other related issues. The GPS-enabled clothing is free of seams, collars, buttons, and tags. The child's GPS tracker can be hidden, in secret compartments inside the clothes. This is a huge relief for parents of such children.

Child GPS Tracker Requisite Features

A child GPS tracker must perform effectively in several conditions to be effective. There are many child GPS tracking devices available in the market. However, you need to know the key points that need to be considered before finalizing the right one for your children. Following are some of the points listed for your reference.

Compact Size

The size of the child GPS tracker matters as it needs to be compact and easy to carry. It should be customizable and easy to operate. The child GPS tracker must be challenging to remove and discard by an abductor. The harder it is to discard the better it is for your child's protection.

Two-Way Calling Function

Two-way calling enables you to call the child's GPS tracker and allows your child to call you back. These devices have an auto-answer voice feature that does not require your child to press any button. Additionally, your loved ones can inform you that they want you to call them back by pressing a button on the device.


SOS buttons on the tracker can be used in case of emergencies. Your children need to be educated only to the extent that they need to press the SOS button if they are in danger. An immediate alert is sounded to the persons connected to the SOS device. This alert can either be an email or text giving your children’s location.

Battery Life

A good battery life is a must for a child's GPS tracker. There can be instances when you forget to charge the device, and there are chances that the battery may die out. In an emergency, this can prove very costly for your child. Family1st GPS trackers for kids have the best battery life lasting more than two weeks.


Geofencing, which enables you to create virtual boundaries to safeguard your children, is an essential feature. You can use this feature to make boundaries for places like a playground, school, or home. A notification is delivered to you whenever your kids leave the specified geographic area. With the geofencing feature, it will be difficult for anyone trying to lure your children out of their designated locations.

There are GPS trackers for kids that offer unique features like the Family1st GPS trackers, which are Alexa compatible and let you operate the device with voice commands and end-to-end encryption for safeguarding your communications. Some devices perform certain smartphone functions like voice, video & Wi-fi calling. Some even allow clicking pictures, texting, and listening to music. The other features needed for a child GPS tracker are Wi-fi connectivity, water resistance, and parental controls.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is child abduction?

Child abduction is the act of taking or detaining a child against the will of their parent or legal guardian.

How can GPS trackers help in the event of a child abduction?

GPS trackers can help in the event of a child abduction by providing real-time location data that can be used to locate and recover the child quickly.

How do GPS trackers work?

GPS trackers use satellite signals to determine their location and transmit that information to a remote server. The server then processes the data and displays the location of the tracker on a map, which can be accessed by authorized users via a mobile app or web portal.

What types of GPS trackers are available for child safety?

There are several types of GPS trackers available for child safety, including wearable trackers, clip-on trackers, and GPS-enabled smartphones.

Are GPS trackers legal to use for child safety purposes? 

Yes, GPS trackers are legal to use for child safety purposes. However, it is important to respect the privacy rights of others and to ensure that the use of a tracker is in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

What are some other child safety measures parents can take besides using GPS trackers?

In addition to using GPS trackers, parents can take several other child safety measures, such as teaching their children about personal safety, setting clear rules and boundaries, monitoring their child's online activity, and having an emergency plan in place in case of an abduction or other emergency situation.


Having a child GPS tracker on your children is essential in today's world. There are many products in the market, both for those looking for high-end devices and those on a budget. Parents should have at least a basic child GPS tracker that will give the location of their children. With rampant child racketeering showing no signs of abating, a good child GPS tracker will be that silent cop watching over your kid in your absence.

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