8 Best Child GPS Trackers to protect your kids

8 Best Child GPS Trackers to protect your kids

It doesn’t matter what age your child is, being a parent is not easy. They are the most vulnerable and gullible part of our society. And until they turn old enough to move out and make their own life choices, they are your responsibility. Now, as a parent, however much you want, you cannot keep an eye on your child, especially when they are out of your safety net - in school, in activity class, park, or at a friend’s place. You need someone to be your eyes and ears so that you can reach your kids in time to protect them. 

Now, the concept of remotely tracking a child’s location to know their whereabouts is not new. There are various tools in the market that, to some extent, fulfill the purpose. You can get tracking apps on your child’s smartphone, or get them smartwatches and other wearable trackers. However, these tracking tools have certain limitations. They might not always provide you precise location, and work only within a range. 

What you need for complete protection and security for your child are personal GPS trackers. These GPS-enabled tracking devices come equipped with a bunch of useful features like geofencing, real-time location, immediate alerts, medical alerts, and more. Most personal GPS tracker providers also offer a wide range of add-on services like aggressive tracking, which helps track your child faster in any unfortunate situation. 

GPStracker24/7 brings you a curated list of the 5 best Child GPS Tracking Devices in 2022

Disclaimer: The purpose of this article is to LIST the best products in the market, and not to review or rank them. All the products listed here have several unique features catering to a wide range of customer requirements.

While compiling this list, we evaluated the devices based on their cost, subscription plans, battery life, size, and installation process. We considered factors like the countries they offer coverage in, ease of use of their application, security, or other unique features they offer. We also looked into add-on services these vendors provide – lifetime warranty, 24/7 customer support, installation help, and more.

The intention is to inform and educate the reader on the variety of options available in the market.

8 Best Child GPS Trackers

Jiobit Next - Smallest Child GPS Tracker


Jiobit Next is the tiniest and most lightweight child GPS tracker in the market. One of the most impressive features of this device is that it can remember your child's daily routine and alert you in case of any deviation. There is a built-in loop in the tracker that can be attached to your child's backpack, belt buckle, keychain, or necklace. The device is very durable for its size, and with the new antenna, it can work perfectly in weak cellular network areas. If your child has multiple caregivers and they all have the Jiobit app, you can track your child's location and with whom they are.  

In  a glance

  • Device cost: $129.99
  • Monthly subscription: $8.99/month for 2 years, $14.99/month No contract
  • Weight: 0.63 oz
  • Battery life: Up to 1 week
  • Call/text support: No
  • App support: iOS/Android
  • Features: Smart Tracking, SOS Mode, Live Mode, Safe Zone, Alert Button
  • Warranty Information: 1-year limited warranty. 30-day return policy

Product Highlights

  • Real-time location
  • Compact size
  • Create care teams of trusted people
  • SOS Alert
  • Lightweight
  • Geofencing
  • Cellular, GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth Capabilities
  • Price and Subscription: The Jiobit Next costs $129.99. There are three subscription plans, with monthly billing. For a 2-year contract, you pay $8.99/month, and for a 6-months contract, you pay $12.99/per month. Jiobit also has a no-contract plan wherein the monthly billing is $14.99. The month-to-month subscription can be canceled at any time for a small fee. Once canceled, the sim is deactivated and cannot be reactivated. 
  • Connectivity: The Jiobit next comes with a sim compatible with AT&T's and T-Mobile's networks. The new design also has an antenna that helps boost transmission in bad network areas. 
  • Device Specification: The device is super light, weighing only 0.63 oz, and looks tinier than a cookie. It comes with 4 different loop attachments- strap clip, integrated loop, secure loop, and hemlock. The Jiobit Next has a long battery life of up to 7 days, depending on usage.
  • App-Features: The Jiobit App is compatible with all Android/iOS devices. It can be downloaded by parents and caregivers. You can create care teams and add people you trust. The device has Bluetooth that automatically connects to the nearest caregiver if they have the app and sends a notification to the parents. The app also sends timed location alerts. Parents can use a geofence to create virtual boundaries around places that their child frequents, and get alerts whenever they enter or exit this boundary. 
  • Add-on Features: One of the important features that Jiobit Next has is the SOS mode, which allows parents to share accurate locations to 911-dispatch teams for faster response. Users can also check the timeline of their child's whereabouts for the last 7 days. 

Why do we recommend this device?

Given the small size, Jiobit Next incredibly offers a wide range of safety features. It has some innovative features like the Care teams and intuitive learning which set it apart from its competitors. Although advertised as a child GPS tracker, the device comes with 4 different loops that allow you to track pets, babies, and elderly family members. Its user-friendly app allows you to share accurate and real-time location information of your child with people you trust and with local authorities in case of an emergency.


Family1st Child GPS Tracker - Most portable child GPS tracker

Family1st GPS tracker: Best in GPS Child Tracking Devices


When it comes to your family and personal use-oriented GPS tracking devices, Family1st takes the winning prize. You can bet the safety of your child, as well as babies, elderly, teens, pets, cars, bikes, and your assets on the Family1st Portable GPS tracker. Family1st is also a top choice for families with special needs kids. Owing to its sleek, compact, discreet, but robust design, you can completely rely on this GPS tracker to keep you updated on your child’s real-time location. 

In a glance

  • Device cost: $28.95 
  • Monthly subscription: $19.95/month 
  • Weight: 3.60 ounces
  • Battery type: 2400 mAh Li-Polymer - Internal and Rechargeable
  • Battery life: 14days+
  • Call/text support: Yes
  • App support: iOS/Android
  • Features: Geofence, SOS, Alexa Integration, Indoor Wi-Fi support, Aggressive tracking mode, Low Battery Alert
  • Warranty information: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee, Lifetime warranty, No Cost Replacement for all damaged devices.

Product Highlights

  • Easy Installation
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • The compact and discreet device
  • Waterproof
  • Aggressive Tracking Mode, SOS
  • Fully-loaded interface with Geofence, Smart Alerts, Reports, and more
  • Affordable
  • No contract, Pay-as-you-go
  • Lifetime Warranty, 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Coverage in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Price and Subscription: The Family 1st Portable GPS tracker is one of the most affordable tracking units for personal use. Priced at a low cost of $28.95 only, Family 1 st manufactures their GPS trackers to assure and guarantee top-quality. The subscription plans are also the cheapest in the market, starting at @$19.95 per month only. 
  • Connectivity: Family 1st Portable GPS tracker comes with high-speed 4G connectivity and a built-in buffer that allows the tracker to work in low cellular network coverage areas as well. You get full coverage in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands. It also comes with the capability of connecting to indoor Wi-Fi. Another exciting feature of this child GPS tracker is that you can integrate it with Alexa and access location data and other reports on compatible devices through voice commands. 
  • Device Specification: For a tracker to qualify as a child GPS tracker, one of the most important features is a strong GPS network, precise and accurate location data, and long battery life. Given that the Family 1st Portable GPS Tracker device has all these features and a battery life of 14+ days, it proves to be the best GPS tracker for your child and loved ones. The device is small, making it easier to attach to a backpack, keep in pockets, or hide under the bike or skateboard. It also comes with a separate magnetic case with which you can attach the device to any metallic surface. Moreover, the device is weatherproof, rustproof, and tamper-proof. 
  • Platform Features: The Family 1 st companion app is available for download at the Apple Store and the Play Store. It is compatible with all iOS and Android devices. The seamless interface is user-centric and allows you to access a bunch of data through a single click. You can use the platform to set up geofences and preferences for alerts and notifications. 
  • Add-on Services: Geofencing, instant alerts, driving reports, and aggressive tracking mode are some of the notable features of this child GPS tracker. You can create safe zones and get alerts whenever your child is in and out of these areas. If your child seems to be lost, you can activate aggressive tracking mode for faster location updates. Family 1 st Portable tracker is also great for teen drivers, as it collects data on driving behavior and alerts you immediately if your teen is speeding or engaging in dangerous driving habits. 

Why do we recommend it?

After thorough use, we have found that the Family 1 st portable GPS tracker is the best overall child tracker. The solution is affordable, and Family 1 st does not compromise on the quality of the device and platform features. The device is easy to install/attach, and use. The companion interface is compatible with all iOS and Android devices. This gives you the freedom to track the whereabouts of your child from multiple devices.

Family 1 st does not ask its users to sign a long-term contract; you can take a monthly subscription and activate/deactivate services according to your preference. They also have a dedicated tech support team, available 24/7 through various channels.


Verizon GizmoWatch 2 - Best Wearable Child GPS Tracker

Verizon GizmoWatch 2 - Best Wearable Child GPS Tracking Device

Verizon GizmoWatch 2 is a wearable GPS tracker with a two-way calling and text feature designed for kids aged 3-11. It also has a step counter and can be used as a fitness tracker. The GizmoWatch needs a separate sim and number to operate. Parents can update the contact list for the watch with information about close relatives, and friends, as well as the emergency number 911, so that kids can call, text, or leave voice messages if required. Parents can download the GizmoHub App and track the location of their kids. The smartwatch is a great choice for parents who prefer to keep their kids away from the internet and smartphone but also need to communicate with them. 

In a glance

  • Device cost: $99.99
  • Activation cost: $35 one-time
  • Monthly subscription: $4.16/month for 24 months
  • Memory: 4GB
  • Weight: 1.94 oz
  • Battery type: 500mAh
  • Battery life: 4-7days
  • Call/text support: Yes
  • App support: iOS/Android
  • Features: Geofence, Real-time location, Parental Controls, Fitness tracker
  • Warranty information: No information

Product Highlights

  • Designed for children ages 3-11 years
  • Two-way calling, texting, and voice messaging
  • Parental Control
  • Real-time Location
  • Geofencing, Fitness tracker, To-do list, reminders
  • Comfortable design 
  • Waterproof
  • Price and Subscription: The GizmoWatch 2 costs $99.99. Users have to take the subscription contract for a minimum of 24 months @ $4.16 per month. There is also a one-time activation fee of $35. The smartwatch requires a separate connection costing $10/month.
  • Connectivity: GizmoWatch 2 uses 4G LTE from Verizon. It is not clear if the smartwatch supports any other 4G connection. 
  • Device Specification: The GizmoWatch 2 is a wearable smartwatch with a broad and soft band that does not hamper your child's comfort and activities. The watch has a 1.3-inch 240 x 240 AMOLED display. You will have to buy a screen protector separately. The smartwatch also comes with 4GB of internal memory. 
  • App-Features: Parents have to download the GizmoHub App on any iOS or Android device. The app allows parents to set up parental controls, update contact lists, and create safe zones using Geofence. Parents can also view the real-time location of their kids on the app. 
  • Add-on Features: The GizmoWatch 2 also has a fitness tracker with a step counter. Parents and kids can also set up a to-do list and task reminders. 

Why do we recommend this device?

Although it may seem that the device is lacking a few crucial features, we have included it in our list because it is designed to be worn and used by kids. It has a to-do list, task reminders, and a fitness tracker which are a great way to teach kids about responsibility. It is best for parents who want their kids to explore freely and safely, but do not want them to be open to the nuisance of smartphones and the internet. 


Tracki Mini Child GPS Tracker - Best Child GPS Tracker for Overseas travel

Tracki Mini GPS tracker for kids is best for two reasons - you want a basic GPS tracker without all the other features, and you plan to travel overseas with your kids. The tracker is small and simple. It has an SOS button for emergencies. The companion app allows users to get a real-time update and create virtual safe zones. 

In a glance

  • Device cost: $28.88
  • Monthly subscription: $19.95 per month. For an annual subscription, monthly payment lowers to $9.95/month. 
  • Weight: 1.26 Oz
  • Battery life: 2-3 days. An add-on battery is available.
  • Call/text support: No
  • App support: iOS/Android
  • Features: Geofence, SOS, Indoor tracking with Wi-Fi.
  • Warranty information: Lifetime Warranty for an extra fee.

Product Highlights

  • Real-time location
  • SOS Alert
  • Lightweight 
  • Coverage in 190 countries
  • Extendable battery
  • Price and Subscription: The Tracki Mini GPS tracker for children costs $28.88. The company offers a few different subscription plans, starting at the lowest price of $9.95 per month. The device comes with a paid lifetime warranty with lifetime replacement of the damaged product. 
  • Connectivity: The device comes with a pre-installed sim card that supports 3G LTE. It also has Wi-Fi capabilities for indoor tracking. 
  • Device Specification: The Tracki Mini GPS Tracker for kids is a small, simple, and basic device. It has a strong GPS that uses multiple location tracking to offer more accurate location data even in low-network areas. Tracki has an SOS button that sends alerts to the parents. The tracker is compact, which makes it easier to conceal and keep in your kids' pockets and bags. 
  • App-Features: Like most tracking solutions, Tracki also has its own app that is compatible with all iOS and Android devices. It allows parents to see the real-time location of their kids. Parents can create several geofences and get alerts whenever their kid is near it. In case of an emergency, kids can push the SOS button, notifying the parents that they need help. This allows parents to take immediate action and protect their kids from unfortunate incidents. 
  • Add-on Features: The Tracki Child GPS tracker has a built-in battery that can function for 2-3 days or more, given the duration of location updates. Based on usage, users can also opt for an extended battery. Tracki GPS device for kids works perfectly in over 190 countries, making it the best GPS tracker while traveling with kids. 

Why do we recommend this device?

We recommend this device only for those parents who want a basic GPS tracking solution. It does not have a lot of features like two-way calling or texting. The device does have a strong GPS and can transmit location data even in low network areas. Tracki offers 3G coverage in 190 countries. So if you are planning to take a trip with your kids, you can choose the Tracki Mini GPS Tracker for kids. 


Relay - Best small Child GPS Tracker

Relay - Best small Child GPS Tracking Device


Relay is a small GPS tracker with a built-in walkie-talkie with Wi-Fi compatibility. It is designed to have all the good and parent-approved features of a smartphone, without the screen. Parents can talk to their kids, create safe zones through Geofence, and track their real-time location. When it comes to looking for child GPS trackers, this one is a simple device with just the necessary features. 

**While this article was written, the Relay GPS tracker for kids was out of stock. Only refurbished units are available. Check product website for availability. 

In a glance

  • Device cost: $34.99
  • Monthly subscription: $9.99/month
  • Battery life: Up to 2 days
  • Call/text support: Two-way Call support
  • App support: iOS/Android
  • Features: Geofence, SOS
  • Warranty Information: 1-year limited warranty. 30-day return policy

Product Highlights

  • Real-time location
  • Create care teams of trusted people
  • SOS Alert
  • Lightweight
  • Price and Subscription: The Relay device usually costs $50, but is currently unavailable. The refurbished units are offered at $34.99. Users have to pay $9.99 per month or $99.84 annually. There are no contracts. Billing for services starts only after the device is activated through the app.
  • Connectivity: The device supports 4G LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity and offers a nationwide range. The tracker comes with a pre-installed sim card. 
  • Device Specification: The Relay child GPS tracker is a small device that a child can easily carry in their pockets or backpacks. It has a button in the middle for the push-to-talk feature that allows the kids to talk to other Relay devices and their parents' smartphones.  
  • App-Features: The Android and iOS compatible Relay App offers several features to the parents. They can control who gets access to communicate with their child’s Relay tracker. Also, the same Relay device can be integrated with relay apps on various devices, ensuring that someone is always looking out for your children.
  • Add-on Features: The Relay app comes with a 911 escalation feature, which ensures that the necessary help can reach your kids even when you cannot.

Why do we recommend this device?

One of the USPs of the Relay GPS tracker is that it comes with a 911 escalation feature. As soon as you receive an SOS alert from your child, you can activate the escalate to 911 feature, wherein your child’s real-time location will be immediately sent to emergency services. Also, the same Relay tracker can be accessed by various authorized users through the app. If you want a family member to check the location of your kid when you are in an office meeting or at the dentist’s, they can easily find out where your kids are.


Geozilla GPS Tracker

Geozilla GPS tracker is the best way to locate your kids from your phone and enjoy your peace of mind. There are several benefits of using this GPS tracker. You can track them and ensure their safety whether your child is in the school or park. 

If you are not near them, in a situation, you can track and share the location of your children with your relatives or friends. You can add another device to your family map if you have more than one child to track them from a single phone and ensure peace of mind. 

In A Glance

  • Device cost: $59.99
  • Monthly subscription: $19.99 
  • Weight: 1.05 Oz
  • Battery life: 2-3 days active battery life for 1-minute updates
  • 6 days in sleep mode (no activity)
  • Call/text support: No
  • App support: iOS/Android
  • Features: SOS button, User-friendly app, Global Coverage, Geozone, etc. 
  • Warranty Information: 30-day money-back guarantee 

Product Highlights

  • Compact real-time GPS tracker
  • Best for tracking Elderly, Kids, and Pets
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Blends with surroundings
  • Affordable tracking services

Price And Subscription

The Geozilla GPS tracker costs $59.99. uses will also have to take a subscription plan starting from $19.99. 


Geozilla GPS tracker uses GPS and global GSM networks to provide precise tracking updates. 

Device Specification

Geozilla GPS tracker is a small and compact GPS tracker. It only weighs 1.06 ounces, so your child will not feel uncomfortable when you attach the device to their clothes or place it in the backpack. 


The Geozilla mobile application is accessible to both Android and IOS users. One can easily find it at the Play Store or app store and use it to access various features. They can also set up geo zones over the map to receive alerts. 

Add-on Features 

You can use the crash deduction or driver coaching feature if you want to use this device for your new teenage driver. They both help ensure their safety of them. 

Why Do We Recommend This Device? 

Geozilla GPS tracker is best for your family to track them from a single smartphone. It is an affordable solution that you can use to get precise location information on your loved ones. 


AngelSense Kids GPS Tracker 

angel sense gps tracker


AngelSense Kids GPS tracker is well-known amongst families with an autistic member. The tracker is also recognized as one of the safest and most reliable GPS trackers. It is a great tracking solution and can help ensure your child’s well-being 24/7.

In A Glance

  • Device cost: Free
  • Monthly subscription: $52.99
  • Weight: 1.4 Oz
  • Battery life: 24 hours of active battery life 
  • Call/text support: Yes
  • App support: iOS/Android
  • Features: 2-way voice with auto pickup speakerphone, SOS button, Live location sharing, etc. 
  • Warranty Information: 30-day money-back guarantee 

Product Highlights

  • Small and lightweight
  • Sensory-friendly
  • SOS button
  • Proactive Alerts
  • Live Location Sharing

Price And Subscription

You can get a free device by paying the monthly subscription fee of $52.99. 


The device provides nationwide 4G LTE coverage. 

Device Specification

AngelSense GPS tracker is a small and lightweight device. It is equal to cookie size. It also comes with a sensory-sensitive weaving sleeve and three non-removable pins. 


AngelSense also comes with a mobile application that provides proactive alerts and lives location showing with search teams. It is available for both IOS and Android users. 

Add-on Features

AngelSense GPS tracker offers an auto-answer speakerphone that allows you to stay connected with your loved one even if they're unable to press the buttons. You can either make a two-way call or simply listen to them without disturbing them. 

Why Do We Recommend This Device? 

AngelSense Kids GPS tracker is a reliable & cheapest tracker that you can use to track your kids. It offers safety and well-being features to ensure their safety and enjoy your peace of mind. It is a complete safety solution that promotes independence for children. 


Invoxia Real-time GPS Tracker

Has your child started driving a car? Well, now that they are that big to ride a vehicle themselves, it is obvious for you to worry about their safety. Teenagers these days love to get that adrenaline rush. They often engage in reckless driving activity. But it is not safe. You can keep an eye on their activity and restrict reckless driving behavior by using the Invoxia GPS tracker. 

It is a small, compact, and portable tracker that you can hide in your teenager's car and monitor their driving behavior. You can also get real-time location updates of where they are and ensure that they are attending college or going somewhere else. 

In a Glance

  • Device cost: $129.00
  • Monthly subscription: Free one-year subscription. Renew from $39.95 per year. 
  • Weight: 1.26 Oz
  • Battery Life: 2-3 active battery life with 1-5 updates every minute
  • Call/text support: No
  • App support: iOS/ Android 
  • Features: Anti-theft alerts, Safe zone alerts, location history, proximity radar, and many more.
  • Warranty Information: 2-year warranty 

Product Highlights

  • Real-time Alerts        
  • Multiple Geofence        
  • Add-on for increasing battery life        
  • Faster processing of data
  • Small size
  • Motion Alerts
  • Coverage in over 190 countries
  • Custom contacts alert for emergencies
  • Price And Subscription: The Invoixia real-time GPS tracker costs you $129.00. It may seem on the expensive side, but when you look at its positive side, it seems like a cost-effective solution. It comes with a one-year free subscription fee. It means you won't have to pay anything extra apart from the hardware cost for a year. After that, you can choose from various affordable subscription plans. 
  • Connectivity: Invoixia uses a combination of GPS, Wi-Fi positioning, and Bluetooth technology to provide you with accurate location information both indoors and outdoors. It also uses 4G LTE-M connectivity to provide you with faster updates.
  • Device Specification: Invoxia is a small and lightweight GPS tracker. It weighs just 1.05 Oz, so you can hide it anywhere in the bag, backpack, or purse to ensure your kid’s safety. It has a decent battery life that can last up to 5 days to 4 months, depending on the report frequency. 
  • App-Features: Invoixa has an integrated mobile application for iOS and Android users. One can easily download it and use it to track their kids and enjoy other features of the GPS tracker. It allows you to create a virtual geofence, receive theft alerts, access location history, etc. 
  • Add-on Features: Invoixa can interact with other devices and services to provide maximum security. 

For example,  the home alarm will go on if your child tries to use the car without your permission. If they leave the predefined boundary, you will receive an email. Or if they need immediate assistance, they can press the SOS button, and the emergency contact numbers will receive their real-time location information. 

Why do we recommend this device?

Invoixa cellular GPS tracker is an ideal option for you when your child has just started driving, and you are worried about their safety. It will not only help you to determine their location but also allows you to monitor their activity. You can receive alerts when they engage in reckless driving behavior or try to access vehicles without your permission. 


Why do you need a personal GPS tracker for your child? 

A huge part of parenting involves letting your children explore and grow. You must let them understand the world around them and prepare them for a time when they can take their responsibilities. However, all this exploring and growing is not necessarily safe but important for their overall development. So, a personal GPS tracker is the magic globe that allows you to see (not literally!) what your kid is doing, without hampering their personal growth and privacy.

Here are a few reasons why you should get a GPS tracker for your child:

A stress-free life

One of the biggest ironies of parent life is that you want to keep your kids safe, but you cannot be with them all the time. You worry about what they are doing and how they are in your absence. GPS tracking devices for kids take that worry away and give you much-required peace of mind.

Most GPS tracking solutions also offer a geofence feature that allows you to create safe zones around familiar places like schools, activity classes, parks, friends' homes, and more. Once your child is in or out of these safe zones, you receive an alert. If there is any deviation in their routine, you can contact them and see if they need help. Knowing that you are virtually present with your kids at all times can help you live a stress-free life.

Let them explore

Although safety is important, you must let your children make their path. And they can do that only when they are allowed to explore their surroundings freely. When you know that a GPS tracker in your child's pocket keeps you updated on their location, you will be open to giving them the freedom they need. 

Emergency Alerts

Most GPS tracking devices these days offer various security features like SOS buttons, Geofencing, proximity alerts, and more. Even if your child needs you when they are playing in the park across from your home or are at school, they can press the SOS alerting you. You can also set up boundaries around safe places or places your child frequently visits. You get an alert as soon as your child has either entered or left the safe zone. With real-time GPS location data, you are immediately notified of any divergence in their routine path. As soon as you are alerted of any of these incidents, you can prompt action to avoid or prevent any mishap.

Special Needs

Children with special needs require special attention. They perceive and interpret the world differently, and are often oblivious to the threats around them. They find it difficult to interact with people they do not know and are not comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings. With a GPS tracking device, parents can ensure that their special needs kids are where they feel comfortable, and reach them whenever they need any help. 

Things to consider before choosing the best GPS tracker for your child

While selecting a GPS tracker for your child, there are a few things you must consider. Because, if you go to your search bar and look for 'Child GPS Tracker,' you will find innumerable options. But not all of them might suit your requirement. So let's see what you should focus on while getting a GPS tracker for your child: 


With kids, everything has to be about fun and comfort. That is why you need a small GPS tracking device that can fit into a kid's pocket or backpack. You can also choose trackers with loops that can be attached to belts or necklaces. Another tracking option for kids is smartwatches. They come in various vibrant colors and are popular amongst kids.


The fun part about being a kid is that everything can be a toy. So if you are planning to get a GPS tracker for your kid, it will be best that you choose a sturdy device, that can withstand whatever 'fun' your kid puts it through. 

Battery Life

The battery life of any tracker depends on the frequency of location updates. If you want only one location update a day, the battery of your tracker will last a long. However, if you opt for 1 location update every 5 minutes, the battery would run out in 2-3 days, or faster. It's best to choose a device that offers shorter duration updates, but also needs to be charged once a week. 

Two-way communication

One of the most important features that your GPS tracker must have is two-way communication, either via call or text. With this feature, every time you get an alert you can call or text your kid to know the details. Also, this feature allows your kid to call or text other trusted people in the contact list that you update. 


Because child GPS trackers are designed to be compact and small-sized, they tend to be comparatively expensive. Also, like most GPS tracking solutions, you will need to subscribe to the vendor's services for a monthly or annual fee. Some vendors offer pay-as-you-go facilities without service contracts, while some might require you to take up a subscription for a minimum of 24 months. You can find several affordable devices and services that meet your tracking needs and preferences. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a child GPS tracker?

A child GPS tracker is a device that uses global positioning technology to track the location of a child in real-time. These devices can be attached to a child's clothing, backpack, or worn as a watch.

Why do parents need child GPS trackers?

Child GPS trackers can give parents peace of mind by allowing them to monitor their child's location and ensure their safety. They are especially useful for children who are too young to have a cellphone or who have special needs.

What features should I look for in a child GPS tracker?

Look for a GPS tracker with accurate location tracking, long battery life, geofencing capabilities, and real-time alerts. Some trackers may also have additional features such as voice calling, SOS buttons, and step tracking.

Are child GPS trackers easy to use?

Yes, most child GPS trackers are designed to be user-friendly and easy to set up. They typically come with a companion app that can be downloaded to a smartphone, allowing parents to track their child's location and set up geofencing alerts.

Can child GPS trackers be used internationally?

It depends on the device and the cellular carrier. Some GPS trackers are designed to work only in certain countries, while others may have international coverage. Check with the manufacturer to see if the device will work in the country you plan to travel to.


When it comes to children, we tend to be extra careful about their safety. As the world has advanced, so have the threats toward our children. And they come in all forms. Child GPS tracking devices are the best way you can protect your kids against various nuisances and dangers of the modern world - without hampering their freedom. Some people might argue that GPS trackers are intrusive and do not respect your children’s privacy. However, you can be assured that GPS trackers only keep your child safe; in no way do these devices violate their privacy. 

With GPS trackers, you can have all the benefits - peace of mind, the safety of your child, and their wholesome development. 

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