How To Track A Car With GPS Device

How To Track A Car With GPS Device

The GPS or the Global Positioning System has completely revolutionized our lives. This advanced technology has made our lives easier and safer. The US government initially created a GPS tracking system solely for military use. The good part is that in the 1980's it became open for public use. Now we can track a car with GPS device to know the exact position of our car.
GPS has become a pretty common thing today. Many people are already using the technology to avail several benefits. By using GPS tech, people get to know the shortest route to their destination. People who need urgent medical care can find a hospital using the GPS.

The parents use GPS technology to ensure the safety of their children, the elderly, and pets. GPS has been assisting many people in fetching trip history, mapping, and navigation.
If you are curious to track a car with GPS, then here are all the essential details for you.

What is a Portable GPS Car Tracker?

GPS car tracker is a tiny and portable device that helps the car owner know his car's location as and when needed. It indicates the vehicle's location and speed, the distance traveled, and the direction of the car.

GPS tracking systems provide a lot of essential information to car owners. The car owners can regularly monitor their vehicles using the GPS tracking system. They can view the car's movement and the distance traveled and track its mileage. This data will help them understand where the driver and their vehicle have been all day and what route the car covered.

If a thief steals a car with a GPS tracker, it will take just a few minutes to track its location. The owner can report the vehicle's position to the cops, and they can help recover the car quickly.

GPS data also helps the owners understand the traffic and road conditions to avoid those routes the next day and send drivers more efficiently.

With a GPS tracker, the car owner can also monitor the driver's driving habits and send alerts in the case of overspeeding or an accident.

How To Track A Car With GPS Device?

GPS trackers use a series of satellites to find the vehicle's location. These trackers use the Global Navigation Satellite System or GNSS network satellites. This process is called trilateration. It helps GPS fetch the details such as latitude, longitude, time, and elevation.

Every GPS satellite is responsible for transmitting distinct signals so that the GPS-enabled device can decode and find the satellite's precise location. These signals move extremely fast, just like the speed of light. The receiver catches the signals and quickly calculates to determine the vehicle's position.

The GPS tracker uses this data, infers the car's position, and displays the same on the user's device. To calculate the 2D position and track the vehicle's movement, the GPS must use at least three satellite radio signals. In four or more satellites, the receiver can get to know the 3D positions. Once the GPS knows the vehicle's location, it starts to calculate other vital metrics such as the distance the car has traveled, the speed of the car, distance to the destination, sunrise and sunset time, and more.

When the tracker fits in the vehicle onboard diagnostics (OBD-II) connector, it collects the location details. Then it passes this information to the software where the user can study and analyze the data. The active trackers can provide users with a real-time view of global positioning, and the passive trackers just store the GPS data, and the user can view the information later.

A GPS Car Tracker can help you provide the following information:

  • Where is my car at the moment?
  • How much did my car travel today, this week, or this month?
  • Where did my car travel?
  • Did my car go over the speed limit?

How to use a car tracker?

To locate your car, these are the steps to follow.

  • Buy a high-quality GPS car-tracking device 
  • Install your new car tracking device in your car.
  • Now, connect your mobile device, tab, laptop, or personal computer to log in to the app.
  • Then, click on the map or use the locate button to see your car's location.

There are other features too to explore, such as the last known location and more. One of the best features of a GPS car tracking device is that it records and logs the car's history, such as journey, location, time, speed, imperative car data at frequent intervals, and much more in its memory. The data is there in the device, which you can retrieve to review anytime using your computer or mobile.

Some GPS trackers allow you to retrieve the data once you connect the device to your computer. Some automatically upload the information when it comes under the range of your Wi-Fi.

Why track your car?

You often want to know where your car is, isn't it? Whether your car is with your driver, spouse, or is parked at a public parking area, you are worried about its safety.  But since the technology has reached its zenith, there are high-tech ways to find the location of your car. 

There are many reasons you want to openly or secretly track your car. The possibility of knowing the details of your vehicle, such as location, can be beneficial. Suppose you have a teenager who takes your car for an outing, to cite one example. Being aware of where your teen is will ensure great peace of mind. Sometimes our children do not answer the calls due to the discharged battery or being occupied; then, the ability to figure out where they are is nothing but relaxing. If your son or daughter has taken your car and has not returned by the agreed time, you can just switch on your phone and check the location.

Use the GPS tracker and link the same to an app on your smartphone or laptop, and then, you can pinpoint the correct location of your car even when it is moving.

Also, the device is so tiny that you can safely install it in your car without any hassle. You can consider various places to install the same within your vehicle so that it can remain unperturbed, out of sight, and discreet. Even the thieves will not find it if it is there.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a GPS device for car tracking work?

A GPS device for car tracking works by using satellites to determine the exact location of the vehicle. The device sends this information to a server, which can then be accessed by the user through a web-based portal or mobile application.

Why would I want to track my car with a GPS device?

There are several reasons why you may want to track your car with a GPS device, such as monitoring the location of a fleet of vehicles for business purposes, keeping an eye on your teenage driver's whereabouts, or recovering a stolen vehicle.

What are the features of a good GPS device for car tracking?

A good GPS device for car tracking should have accurate and reliable GPS technology, a long battery life, real-time tracking and alerts, geofencing capabilities, and a user-friendly interface.

How do I install a GPS device for car tracking?

Installing a GPS device for car tracking is relatively simple. Most devices plug into the OBD-II port of the vehicle, which is located under the dashboard. Some devices also require a SIM card and a subscription to a GPS tracking service.

Can a GPS device for car tracking be removed or tampered with?

GPS device for car tracking can be removed or tampered with, but most devices have tamper-resistant features that can detect when the device has been removed or interfered with.

Are there any legal considerations when using a GPS device for car tracking?

Yes, there are legal considerations when using a GPS device for car tracking, such as obtaining consent from the driver or owner of the vehicle, complying with local privacy laws, and using the device for legal and ethical purposes.

Wrapping up

Many vehicle owners use GPS trackers to know the location of their cars. It makes it possible to track your vehicle anytime, and from anywhere you want. Installing a car tracker from Family1st  will also offer you other benefits such as vehicle recovery in case of theft, low insurance premiums, acquaintance with vital metrics, and much more.

People who have been using a car GPS tracking system lower the chances of car theft. As per the data from the US, the cars having GPS report a recovery rate of 95% in the case of stealing. Installing a car GPS tracking device is also an excellent way to keep track of your driver or the people using your vehicle.

Once you have the car tracker, there will be an endless number of instances when you want to check your car's location. Tracking the movement of your vehicle using your phone is a terrific way to know where it is.

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