Easy Ways To Remove A GPS Tracker From Your Vehicle

Easy Ways To Remove A GPS Tracker From Your Vehicle

GPS trackers are one of the few things that come to mind when we think about safety. Today, you can find several people utilizing this technology to ensure the safety of their loved ones and valuable assets. 

But have you ever thought about hidden dangers associated with a GPS tracker? Some people misuse this technology and try to invade others' privacy. They can be stalkers, abusive partners, or private investigators who can use a GPS tracker covertly to collect crucial information about you. A wrong person can use this information against you. 

A GPS is a synonym for safety unless someone else implants a device inside your car without your knowledge. If you assure your security, read this article for the easy ways to remove a GPS tracker from your vehicle.

It is always a perfect choice to move one step ahead of anything. So if you suspect someone is keeping tabs on you, here is a way to detect, locate and disable a tracking device from your vehicle.  

Also, if you are looking for ways to remove a GPS tracker for other purposes, such as:

  • To replace a faulty tracker
  • Use the same tracker for other purposes
  • To upgrade what you currently own.

If you want to know how a GPS tracker works and what are their applications. Read here 

Step 1- Identify The GPS Tracker

To remove a GPS tracker, you should be able to identify the device. For example, there are different types of devices in the market. And you can only locate them when you know it and understand where they are likely to be placed. 

Types of GPS Tracker

  • Magnetic Trackers

Magnetic trackers are one of the most convenient trackers to install and the hardest to locate. They can either have an in-built magnet or can come in a magnetic case. These magnets are durable & sturdy and do not fall off easily. 

One can easily place it on a metal surface; hence, there are many places where one can hide it.

  • Plug-in-play Tracker

Plug-in-play is another popular choice for a discrete tracker. It is a tracker that directly plugs into the OBD-II port of your vehicle and starts delivering real-time location updates. 

They are often small & compact; hence can be hidden easily. It also comes with an extension cable to hide the device. 

You can locate them by checking the OBD-II port of your car. You can disable the device by unplugging it, but as it has its antenna and battery, it will notify the owner. 

  • Hardwired GPS Tracker

Hardwire GPS trackers are connected to the system and derive energy from the vehicle. It is not easy for anyone to install such a device as it takes professional assistance and time. Similarly, to remove the tracker, you will need expert help to locate and remove it. 

However, the device also has its battery backup and antenna, so it will send an alert to the owner when you remove it. 

A hardware GPS tracker can disable the car ignition in an emergency. Contact your local auto repair mechanic to locate such a device. 

  • Portable GPS Tracker

A portable device tracker is a handheld device that runs on its battery to provide you with effortless real-time location updates. They are wireless; hence can be placed anywhere in the car or your belongings. 

Check the car and your belongings to locate such a device.

Easy Ways To Remove A GPS Tracker From Your Vehicle

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Step 2- Locate The Tracker

Place Where You Can Find A GPS Tracker

OBD-II port

You can locate a plug-in-play tracker by checking your OBD-II port. You can find it under your steering wheels or above the brakes. You can expect a device or the wire attached to hide the tracker. 

Within the Dash

You can also check within the dash to locate a hardwired GPS tracker. But don't be hasty as you detect it. Take your car to your local mechanic and ask them to remove it. 

Under The Car

One of the safest places for a magnetic GPS tracker is under the car as it is not visible to anyone, and there is no usage.

To locate it, you should bend down and try to hit the metal part of the car with the stick. You can find the device as it will produce a different sound than the metallic plates.

Inside The Seat Cover

For this method, you have to take risks and take out the seams of the sea as it is one of the least expected places, so a person can hide it there to keep tabs on you secretly. You should search not just the middle but the sides and under the cushioning material.

Front Bumper

Another challenging location to install or remove a GPS tracker is in the front bumper. You should take the help of a mechanic to remove the device as any carelessness can interfere with the sensitive wires of your vehicle. 

Wheel wells

You can also expect a device inside the wheel. You can also look in a cylinder, a tiny box, or a metallic part of the wheel. 

Rear Bumper

The rear bumper is similar to the front. You can find many wires. You can expect a small black box amidst the cables and wires for sensors & cameras. 

Similar to the front bumper, you should contact a mechanic to locate and remove it. 

Under Carpets

You can also find a tracker under the carpets or between the seats.

Spare Tires

Also, check the spare tires as one can easily hide the wireless GPS tracker.

The Position Of The Trunk

The trunk is an ideal place to hide a GPS tracker owing to its storage space. You can also check the unexpected places such as taillights. 

In The Door Partition

There you should also check the door panel to locate a wireless GPS tracking device.

Rearview Mirror Inside

Do you know you can also find the wireless GPS tracker in a small rearview mirror? Yes! It is one of the most unexpected places to hide a tracker. So check this place too. 

Other Places To Check

  • In the glove box
  • Speaker compartment
  • Inside the central console of the automobile
  • Behind the seats
  • Beneath the front or passenger seats

How To Locate The GPS Tracker?

  • GPS Tracker Detector

GPS tracker detectors or electric sweepers can pick up electromagnetic waves such as radio signals inside your vehicle. 

You have to move the detector around your car slowly. The sweeper buzzes or vibrates when it detects a GPS tracker.   

  • Scan Exterior Of The Car With A Mirror And A Flashlight

You can use the flashlight and telescopic mirrors to search in the wheel wells or any other hidden spots of your car. 

  • Search Inside

You should also check the interior of your car. First, check the OBD-II plug under the dashboard or the leg area. If you cannot still find a tracker, move on to other places such as the seat, dash area, glove box, under console storage compartments, etc. 

  • Seek Professional Help

If you cannot find the GPS tracker, you can seek professional help to locate the device. Hardware GPS trackers are challenging to spot. Even if you discover them, you can mess up while removing them. 

A professional will know how to deal with the wires and remove the black and red wires of the tracker without disturbing anything else.

Step 3- Remove The GPS Tracker

  • Once you locate the device, you can disable the tracker by removing the battery. 
  • For plug-in play devices, you can disable them by unplugging the tracker from the OBD-II port. 
  • And for a hardwired GPS tracker, you should seek professional help. 

If you don't want to alert the owner by removing the device and need some time to contact help, you can use a GPS jamming device. 

GPS jamming devices can block the signal of the GPS tracker and protect you from anonymous tracking. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a GPS tracker and why would I want to remove it from my vehicle?

A GPS tracker is a device that uses GPS technology to track the location of a vehicle. You may want to remove it from your vehicle if you suspect that someone is using it to monitor your movements without your consent.

How do I know if there is a GPS tracker on my vehicle?

Some common signs of a GPS tracker on your vehicle may include a device or wire that you don't recognize, unusual battery drainage, or unusual behavior from your vehicle, such as sudden stops or changes in speed.

What are some easy ways to remove a GPS tracker from my vehicle?

Some easy ways to remove a GPS tracker from your vehicle may include using a GPS tracker detector to locate the device, physically inspecting your vehicle for any suspicious wires or devices, or taking your vehicle to a professional mechanic or electronics expert to have it inspected.

Can removing a GPS tracker from my vehicle cause damage?

Removing a GPS tracker from your vehicle can potentially cause damage, depending on how the device is installed and how it is removed. It is important to take precautions and to have the device removed by a professional if you are unsure how to do it yourself.

What can I do to prevent someone from installing a GPS tracker on my vehicle in the future?

To prevent someone from installing a GPS tracker on your vehicle in the future, you can take precautions such as parking in a secure, well-lit area, using anti-theft devices such as steering wheel locks or alarms, and being vigilant for any suspicious activity around your vehicle.

Final Words

If you find a strange tracking device in your car, the first thing you should do is- immediately report it to the police. 

It is not legal to track someone else in the USA unless they are the car owner. Also, by reporting to the police, you can prevent any danger to yourself.

To know about GPS tracking laws "Guide on GPS laws of different US states that everyone should know" will help you. 

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