How Much Does A GPS Tracker Cost?

How Much Does A GPS Tracker Cost?

GPS tracking is an abbreviation for Global Positioning System. It comprises a system of 24 satellites in orbit and ground-based devices that can pinpoint the precise location of a person or object on Earth. GPS tracking devices collect three types of data: positioning, navigation, and timing. 

Given the vast choices of GPS tracking devices in the market, it can be daunting to make the right choice. Apart from the plethora of features that GPS tracking devices offer, the cost of a GPS tracker depends on every term of the contract, location updates, and add-on services. 

The cost of GPS trackers cannot be generalized. Although the cost is a necessary factor that, to some degree, determines the product’s sale—are the features beneficial? Is the price justified? How can you tell if you’ve chosen the best service?

We’ll go over the attributes of a good GPS device and the factors that influence its cost in this article so you can make a more informed decision. 

How Much Does A GPS Tracker Cost?

Below are some dominant factors involved when discussing the cost of GPS trackers. 

Duration Of Agreement

The terms of the contract between the customer and the service provider affect the amount paid by the customer. The lower the payment, the longer the contract. The cost generated per month includes installation, hardware, and monthly use. The cost of a GPS tracker and service rises with each additional feature selected. If you’re tired of being locked into contracts and subscriptions for your GPS trackers, we’ve got you covered. Our handpicked list of GPS trackers with no monthly fees is just what you need to stay connected without breaking the bank. 

Type Of Tracker Chosen

The price you pay depends on the type of GPS tracker you choose. Plug-and-Play GPS Device, Hardwired GPS Device, and Smartphone App Tracking are the available options. The Plug-and-Play GPS Device is a popular choice among users; all you have to do is plug it into your vehicle’s port. It is inexpensive and does an excellent job. Hardwired GPS devices are best suited to specific motors, such as those too old or equipped with too many features to integrate modern technology. The third option is the most straightforward; it is cost-effective and user-friendly.

Number Of Devices Chosen

The price of a GPS tracker package varies depending on the number of devices you select. If you buy more than one device from a company, they will often offer package deals and discounts.

Company Chosen 

The company you choose as your service provider significantly impacts the amount of money you pay at the end of the day. As a result, selecting the brand itself should be done with care, considering its costs, evaluations, and warranty plans. You can consider brands like LandAirSea, Family1st, Tracki, and the likes


Coverage is another factor that influences GPS tracker cost. While some providers only offer coverage in their state or country, others provide it internationally. Naturally, if you choose a global tracking device, costs will skyrocket. Such features directly impact the cost of a GPS device.

Lookout For Hidden Charges 

GPS tracking services may seem cheap but consist of hidden charges for activation/deactivation, service cancellations, contract fees, warranty fees, and other hidden service fees.


The repeating prices may also affect how the GPS device delivers updates. The shorter the time between updates, the more you will have to pay. A customer who receives updates every minute, for example, will have to pay more than a customer who receives updates every fifteen to thirty minutes.

Features To Look for when buying a GPS Tracking Device 

You are already aware that real-time location data from a GPS tracking device can assist you in locating your assets, vehicles, machinery, family, friends, and pets. GPS trackers cannot completely protect the assets or people you are tracking, but they can help you send the assistance you need in an emergency. Minimizing loss and damage ensures an easier and faster recovery. GPS tracking devices should also have the following features:

Specifications In Structure

The GPS tracking devices currently available on the market are small and durable. Most of them are weather-resistant and waterproof, have 4G/LTE connectivity, and some support indoor Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. These devices often come with a companion app that can be easily downloaded on any mobile device of your choice, allowing you to access the location within seconds.

Notifications And Alerts

These companion apps allow you to customize alerts and updates based on your preferences. If you’re tracking your teen’s car, you can designate a signal or warning for speeding or other poor driving habits. You will receive these notifications via your chosen mode – SMS, e-mail, or app notification.

Driver Behavior

Monitoring driving behavior is one of the most necessary functions that GPS tracking devices can provide. Surprisingly, the total annual mileage is significantly lower than in 2019, but the number of fatal road accidents has increased by 8%. As a result, many transportation and traffic regulatory authorities have proposed and authorized the use of GPS tracking devices to help avoid accidents over the last decade. The majority of modern-day devices come with sensors to detect instances of unnecessary acceleration, hard braking, and other unsafe driving habits.


GPS tracking devices for personal and commercial use reduce costs and improve the efficiency of business operations and daily life. You can easily assign your vehicle to a job if you know where it is. You can also optimize the best course to your destination using location tracking, saving fuel.


Geofencing is a location-based system that uses Wi-Fi and GPS to trigger a pre-determined action. It enables you to draw a digital boundary around a targeted area in GPS-enabled software, such as a 200-foot radius in Google Maps. A response will be triggered whenever a registered tracking device enters or exits this boundary. Geofencing technology is a marketing method that enables businesses to track customers as they enter their sales zones. Teenagers, children, elderly relatives, and pets can benefit from the feature.

Roadside Assistance

If you’re lucky, your car may break down in a public location, somewhere safe. However, this can also happen in isolated, dangerous areas that are difficult to navigate on your own. The quality of your GPS network can impact your response time and how you handle such a breakdown.


Market prices vary depending on the type of GPS device you choose, the features you are looking for in the product, and what you want to use this service. A decent GPS device does its job well and delivers results with accuracy and precision in the long run. The warranty, customer support, and emergency services are some features that distinguish a stable, dependable service provider from others.

With the advent of smartphones, many of us now carry a GPS tracking device with us wherever we go. We can now use this technology in new and innovative ways, such as AR (augmented reality) applications and the ability to play location-based games. We’re only scratching the surface of GPS, and it’s safe to say that the technology can be utilized in many ways.

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