Top Trends In GPS Tracking You Must Check Out In 2024

Top Trends In GPS Tracking You Must Check Out In 2024

GPS trackers are becoming increasingly significant in our daily life. Its usage is so common in our routine that sometimes we don't even realize we are using this technology. Take this for an example - you have ordered food from an online delivery app. And now you're monitoring the location using the information available on the website. Devices such as smartphones, smartwatches, fitness trackers, and tablets, around you have in-built GPS trackers to help you navigate unknown roads easily.

Have you ever wondered what the changing trends in the GPS tracker market are while the use of GPS trackers is continuously evolving? If yes, check out this article about Trends In GPS Tracking. Here we will explore all the recent changes in the trend pattern. With this article, you will not only gain insights but also will be able to set some standards to find the best GPS tracker for yourself. 

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Emerging Trends In GPS Tracking In 2024

Trends In GPS Tracking

Small Size

GPS trackers in the past were bulky. They were used for special purposes and by selected people, so the size was never the issue. But with the growing usage of trackers and people wanting to use them for multi-tracking purposes, the company started manufacturing small hardware.

The small GPS devices are concealable and easy to use. You can use them for multiple tracking purposes. They help track children and elderly who are sensitive to being monitored, and you don't want to add to their weight by choosing a bulky device.

Similarly, the size becomes crucial when you want to use a tracker for tracking secretly. You don't want a big device that is easy to spot. 

Long Battery Life

Nowadays, portable GPS trackers are becoming popular. They are easy to install, lightweight, and can be used to satisfy multiple tracking purposes. For example, you can use a portable GPS tracker to track your car on weekdays and your loved ones during weekends. 

But there is an issue with the portable trackers. The traditional hardwired GPS trackers are used to derive power from the vehicle or other power sources. The portable ones have in-built batteries. Back in the day, they used to last for a few hours only, and you had to remove them to charge and then reinstall them. It was a chaotic process.

As the technology developed, GPS manufacturers shifted their attention towards tackling this challenge. As a result, modern-day GPS trackers can last for weeks and months, with just one charge.  

Real-time Tracking

Real-time trackers are the trend right now. It enables people to monitor their vehicles and loved ones in real time and make fast decisions in emergencies. They can address the problem at the right time and allow you to reduce the after-effect. 

Integrated Mobile Application

Nowadays,  most GPS trackers integrate mobile applications to enable users to access real-time information using their smartphones even when they are miles away.

Mobile applications are easy to use and have a user-friendly interface. Users can easily access them to monitor the real-time activity of the device on the map. They can also access the various features of the solution, such as geofence, alerts, reminders, location history, etc. 


Geofences are one of the safety measures liked by people. It allows them to drop virtual fences over the map and get notified whenever the device crosses it.

Also, the next time they are out, you don't have to panic or call them to know their location. Instead, you can check your mobile application to ensure they are safe. 

Alerts And Notifications

GPS trackers send you real-time notifications for every single activity. It ensures you do not miss important events and always know your loved ones' whereabouts.

But no one wants to be disturbed by every single activity. Now, you can customize the notifications according to your needs & priorities and get notified of the events that matter to you.

Integration With IoT Devices

GPS integration with IoT devices has become super popular nowadays. For example, the fitness tracker you use to track your workout goals. They have in-built GPS trackers to allow you to access your real-time location information. When you go out for a run, it helps you to track your running distance. You can also use this while strolling through unknown forests or while hiking. 

Trends In GPS Tracking

The smart security system you have at your home has a GPS tracker to notify you when your family member leaves a safe place. Many smartwatches have GPS trackers to allow you to monitor your real-time activity and navigate freely on unknown roads or send alerts with location details to your loved ones when you need their help. 


AI integration of GPS trackers is still in its early stages. But they are helpful in several ways. It will provide you with a more personalized usage of the GPS solution. 

For example, the AI-enabled GPS tracker can help you to find the best restaurants, hotels, and parks of your liking based on your location history. It can also detect potential issues with the driving behavior of your new teen driver and send you notifications to avoid any mishaps in the future. You can use it to find the best route for your trip and avoid traffic or unnecessary interruptions on the way that causes delays. 

Voice-enabled GPS Devices

GPS trackers have now adopted a voice recognition feature to allow you to issue personalized sets of voice commands to access various features. It keeps your hands free while driving or doing other stuff. You can simply check the location of your family members using voice commands, no need to touch the device or increase your screen time. 

Advanced Analytics 

Nowadays, GPS trackers are not restricted to just tracking. They are much more than that. They can provide advanced analytics into your daily activities and allow you to make proactive decisions.

For example, it provides insight into the driver's driving behavior throughout the day. If you use it to track your new teenage driver, you can spot their errors or signs of reckless driving and help them overcome them before it causes accidents. 

Increased Accuracy

GPS trackers now provide more precise and accurate location reporting than ever. The chances of errors have reduced. It allows you to rely on them to track your valuable assets or loved ones.  

Privacy Concerns

With the ever-increasing use of GPS trackers, ethical and privacy concerns have been raised. 

There is confusion in the market about - who can use the tracker to track what. And if it is legal to stalk people like that.

Also, the concerns about how safe the data is with the company have increased. The users are asking questions about the measures adopted by the organization to keep their data safe from the breach. And if they sell their user data to any third party without their permission. 

Final Words- Future Of GPS Tracker

The future of GPS tracking is bright. The market is expected to increase multifold, and telematics companies will earn huge profits. 

The GPS trackers will become even more accurate. And its integration into logistics, healthcare, and transportation will benefit thousands by making public services more efficient and faster than ever before. 

But with the growing usage of trackers, privacy issues are rising. So we have to take care of the concerns associated with it. The telematics company has to take various data protection measures while evolving the device.

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