GPS Trailer Tracking: 5 best GPS Trackers for Your Trailers 

GPS Trailer Tracking: 5 best GPS Trackers for Your Trailers 

Whether you're overseeing a sizable industrial trailer or a smaller utility vehicle, opting for a GPS tracking system is a smart decision. It's rare for new trailers to come equipped with built-in GPS trackers, making a third-party tracking system the go-to option. However, don't just pick any device off the shelf. To find the ideal solution, expert guidance is invaluable.

Consider yourself a fleet manager responsible for coordinating multiple trailers that deliver goods to various clients. You require a tracking system specifically tailored to your industry's needs, enabling constant monitoring of every trailer.

We're committed to ensuring the efficiency and security of your trailer operations. Let us help you explore the best trailer tracking solutions that precisely fit your budget and diverse requirements.

Different Types of Trailers

Regardless of whether your trailer is geared for freight, recreational vehicles, or specialized equipment, GPS tracking systems offer optimal efficiency, security, and asset safeguarding. Here are some specific examples to consider:

Utility Trailers

Ideal for hauling bulky goods and products that can't easily fit into other types of vehicles, utility trailers can also transport other vehicles, landscaping tools, and machinery. To prevent theft and ensure the security of your valuable cargo, equipping your utility trailer with a GPS tracking system is a wise move.

Dump Trailers

Owners of dump trailers can leverage GPS tracking to monitor their location in real time. This technology allows you to anticipate scheduled arrivals and track the trailer's movement until it reaches its destination, enhancing reliability and customer satisfaction. It serves as a robust tool for bolstering security and providing timely service.

Enclosed Trailers

Often used to carry vehicles, equipment, or weather-sensitive materials, enclosed trailers benefit significantly from GPS tracking systems. Not only can you monitor the trailer's location, but you can also secure its contents. It's crucial to opt for a reliable tracking system to ensure the safety of both the trailer and its cargo.

Fleet Trailers

For those managing a fleet, particularly of dry vans or refrigerated units, tracking is indispensable. While maintaining visibility on the road can be challenging, GPS systems provide immediate data on driver behavior, vehicle speed, mileage, and overall performance. This real-time information is a game-changer in managing and enhancing trailer operations.

Travel Trailers

While camping trailers and RV travel trailers may seem similar, the latter is more akin to mobile homes. The term "travel trailer" is sometimes used broadly to describe any mobile living space. But regardless of the terminology, a reliable tracking system remains crucial for ensuring the security and location awareness of these mobile accommodations. 

Key Benefits of GPS Trailer Tracking Systems

For effective location monitoring, utilization analysis, and timely delivery assurance, GPS trailer tracking systems are indispensable. Precise tracking offers full situational awareness and facilitates proactive planning, which in turn leads to streamlined operations and happier customers. Here are some compelling advantages to incorporating these systems into your fleet:

Enhanced Productivity

GPS systems bolster efficiency, enabling you to serve more clients and expand your operational reach.

Boosting Driver Retention

Through pinpoint tracking, you can identify standout drivers, improving morale and consequently increasing retention rates.

Proactive Maintenance

Real-time performance metrics can help identify and address mechanical issues before they become major problems, reducing downtime.

Optimal Capacity Utilization

GPS tracking ensures that you are maximizing the efficiency of each trailer, which leads to improved reliability, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Profit Maximization

By pinpointing underutilized resources, effective tracking enables you to make data-driven decisions that optimize asset allocation and enhance profitability.

Increased Security

One of the most crucial benefits of GPS tracking is the heightened security it provides for your trailers and valuable cargo, helping to prevent unauthorized use and potential damage.

Maintaining Compliance Scores

Real-time data also assists in meeting safety and regulatory standards, thereby helping you maintain a favorable Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) score. 

Best Places To Install Trailer Tracking Device

The ideal spot for installing a GPS trailer tracking device can vary depending on the specific type of trailer you own, as well as the design and requirements of the device itself. For most trailers, the preferred location is inside the frame rail, near the battery or another power source. This position offers several advantages: it's discreet, provides easy access to electrical power, and ensures a strong GPS signal.

If your device comes in a magnetic casing, you can easily secure it to any metallic surface on the trailer. This offers both ease of installation and added security.

For GPS tracking devices that aren't magnetic, strong adhesives can be used to affix the device to a designated interior wall of the trailer. This provides an alternative method of secure installation.

Given the various configurations of trailers, you have a range of placement options that can offer precise tracking while also being discreet and secure.

If you're concerned about water exposure, consider using waterproof enclosures for your tracking devices or invest in a waterproof GPS tracker. This will safeguard the electronics against the elements, ensuring that your GPS tracker remains functional even in rainy conditions, thereby increasing its versatility for a range of applications.

5 Best GPS Trailer Tracking Solutions

LandAirSea-54 GPS Tracker 

landairsea gps tracker

Upon testing the LandAirSea-54 GPS Tracker, we found it to be a highly reliable and versatile device. It's fully waterproof and easily attachable via its strong built-in magnet. Its range of features, such as geofencing, position reporting, historical playback, and real-time tracking through 4G LTE, make it a robust and dependable tracking solution with global coverage capabilities.

Key Features

  • Multi-purpose tracking suitable for assets, people, or vehicles.
  • Equipped with a high-strength built-in magnet.
  • Ultra-compact and 100% waterproof design.
  • Easily attaches to the trailer frame.
  • Real-time tracking and mapping are available through the SilverCloud App.
  • Provides alerts via email and text messages.


  • Compatible with PCs, Macs, Android, and iPhone devices.
  • Durable, waterproof construction designed to withstand extreme weather conditions.
  • Features controllable LED lights through the app.
  • A strong internal magnet ensures easy and secure mounting.
  • Includes a SIM card, eliminating the need for additional accessories.


Requires a subscription for device functionality.


Membership plans can be prepaid on a 6 or 12-month basis. The most cost-effective monthly plan is priced at $19.95 and provides updates every 3 minutes.

Trak-4 GPS Tracker 

trak 4 gps tracker device

From our hands-on testing, this trailer tracking device is a standout option for a variety of tracking needs. It's waterproof and offers extended battery life, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor usage. Its compact yet durable design is complemented by its waterproof capabilities, adding another layer of utility and reliability.

Key Features

  • Adjustable reporting frequencies for better battery conservation.
  • Daily vehicle status checks, even when the trailer is stationary.
  • Advanced mapping options that allow tracking of multiple units on a single map.
  • Historical mapping to trace your trailer's routes over time.
  • Ability to share the real-time location of the device with others.
  • Custom alerts for geofencing and low battery notifications.


  • Accessibility through computers, tablets, or smartphones.
  • Comes with an integrated SIM card.
  • No contractual obligations.
  • Free from activation fees and cancellation charges.


  • A subscription is necessary for functionality.
  • Limited to operation within the U.S.


The device is available at a monthly rate of $12.99, or you can opt for prepaid annual payments at $6.99 per month.

Spytec GPS Tracker (GL300) 

spytec gl300 gps tracker with hardwire kit

Based on our team's experience, Spytec GPS Tracker stands out as one of the fastest and most user-friendly GPS-trailer tracking solutions. It's a highly reputable brand offering robust tracking capabilities to keep your trailers secure and continuously monitored. Compatible with both Android and iOS, the Spytec GPS Tracker provides precise location information through 4G satellite technology, displaying your trailer's movements on an easy-to-navigate map interface.

Key Features

  • Compact and multifunctional design.
  • Capability to track your group, individual users, or tiers of permissions.
  • Dedicated Help Center for assistance.
  • Customizable geofencing options.
  • Personalized alerts to suit your needs.
  • Multiple viewing modes: satellite, night, or light.


  • Ease of setting up custom tracking options.
  • Real-time mapping of your trailer's movements.
  • Up to two weeks of battery longevity.
  • Automated low-battery alerts.
  • Consistent and frequent tracking updates.


  • Customer service is limited to online chat.
  • Operations require a monthly subscription.


Subscription packages start at $24.95 on a monthly basis or $19.95 per month if you opt for annual payments. The plans also include a lifetime warranty on your GPS trailer tracking system, along with free 24/7 support.

Spark Nano 7 GPS tracker

spar nano 7 gps tracker

After thorough testing of the Spark Nano 7 GPS tracker, we found its quick 4G connectivity ensures all pertinent data is readily available. The device is particularly useful for trailers on interstate or cross-country journeys, as it enables uninterrupted, seamless tracking.

Key Features

  • Offers compact GPS tracking with 4G coverage throughout North America.
  • Comes with a magnetic, waterproof casing.
  • Provides real-time location updates of your trailer.
  • Features a 15-day battery life in standby mode and an 8-day life in active mode.


  • The device is both compact and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Enables easy tracking via a cellphone, irrespective of network coverage.
  • Includes a strong magnetic mount for easy installation.
  • No long-term contract is required, and cancellation is straightforward if needed.


  • Geographically limited, designed to work only in the US, Canada, and Mexico.
  • Requires an active subscription for functionality.


Annual membership is priced at $215.88, while the quarterly plan costs $68.97 every three months. The monthly subscription is the most expensive option at $29.99 per month.

Tracki 4G GPS Hidden Tracker

tracki gps tracker for hidden trailer tracking

In our hands-on experience with the Tracki 4G GPS tracker, we found that it offers real-time location tracking accessible via Android, iPhone, or web applications. Equipped with state-of-the-art 4G LTE technology, this device ensures a quick and reliable network connection.

Key Features

  • Provides robust and feature-rich software capabilities.
  • Boasts an IP65 waterproof rating.
  • Includes geofencing functionality.
  • Retains up to 180 days of tracking history, along with historical route playback.
  • Offers an extended battery lifespan of up to 20 days.


  • Utilizes a high-gain GPS module and includes a strong magnetic mount.
  • Activation is as simple as sending an email to the company's customer support.
  • Comes with a pre-installed SIM card.
  • Operates in three distinct modes: standard, intelligent, and power-saving.
  • Allows for customized alerts, such as geofence breaches, impacts, and low-battery warnings.


  • Settings can be challenging to modify at times.
  • Some units may display only distances, needing more detailed information.


The tracker comes with a one-year complimentary subscription. The cost of renewing the subscription for the second year is a reasonable $69.00.


GPS trailer tracking solutions have become essential instruments for assuring effectiveness, security, and customer satisfaction in the realm of modern logistics and fleet management. These cutting-edge tools let organizations optimize their operations by providing real-time insights into trailer location, usage, and maintenance requirements.

The GPS tracking systems for your trailers allow you to customize your settings for receiving crucial updates in addition to being a simple-to-use tracking device. You may be relaxed knowing that your trailer has a far better possibility of being located if something unfortunate happens because of these incredible tracking features. As we navigate an era of developing technology and an increased need for security and transparency, GPS trailer tracking stands as a crucial investment.

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