10 Best Hidden GPS Trackers in 2024[Tested]

10 Best Hidden GPS Trackers in 2024[Tested]

When it comes to protecting your family, your loved ones, as well as your valuable assets, more is less. You can never be too sure about their safety. However, you can ease your mind by employing the solutions offered by GPS technology such as a hidden GPS tracker to offer added safety and security.

The modern GPS tracking solutions not only offer you real-time location information but also furnish important insights on the tip of your fingers, that make it easy to avoid any mishaps and recover any lost/stolen valuables.  

The most important feature of a GPS tracker is real-time tracking and recovery of lost/stolen assets or family members. However, a tracker is only good as long as it works. As technology has advanced, miscreants have also gotten creative. Auto thieves now know how to spot a GPS tracking device and disable or remove it. It has also been found that in many cases of missing children, perpetrators get rid of the wearable GPS trackers. 

This is why several GPS tracking device manufacturers have designed small hidden GPS trackers that are easy to hide - in a car, your kid’s school bag, or in their pockets. These devices are discreet and cannot be easily found and disabled. 

We used a bunch of discreet GPS trackers in the market, and based on how well hidden they can stay, we have chosen the 10 best hidden GPS tracker from the lot just for you. 

What are Hidden GPS Trackers?

There are generally two types of hidden GPS trackers for vehicles i.e. Passive and Active hidden tracking devices. A passive hidden GPS tracking device records the route covered by the vehicle and later you can download the data for briefing. On the other hand, an Active hidden GPS tracking device gives a real-time location update of your vehicle.

What are the Benefits of Hidden GPS Trackers?

  • 24/7 Theft Protection

The most important benefit of hidden GPS tracking device is theft protection. With the help of a hidden GPS tracker, you can easily locate your vehicle if it gets stolen and shares the data with law enforcement agencies. This can increase the possibility of its recovery. Moreover, modern hidden GPS tracking devices send you an instant alert whenever the device detects any unwanted vibration, or when the engine starts without you.

  • Location Update

One of the basic uses of hidden GPS tracking devices is that it helps you to locate your vehicle and its driver’s accurate information. A good hidden GPS tracking device would send you regular updates via SMS, emails, or app notification about the location of your vehicle. You can easily track your vehicle from anywhere using any device.

  • Vehicles Maintenance

Everyone has so many things to do in their life and they tend to forget about petty issues. We do the same thing with our vehicles.  The vehicle needs regular maintenance to help it to work efficiently but we cannot remember when it is time for it. You can leave this work to your hidden GPS tracker. A modern GPS tracker would closely monitor your vehicle and record engine data and would send you alerts whenever it is time for the vehicle's maintenance.

  • Driver's Report

You cannot stay peaceful when your teen is driving. Teenagers are quite adventurous and tend to compete among themselves by speeding, but this can be dangerous as it can cause road accidents. Someone wise has once said that Precaution is better than cure. A hidden GPS tracker can help you to monitor your teens driving skills without them knowing about it. It will send you an alert whenever it detects any kind of harsh driving behavior such as harsh acceleration, sudden braking, or speeding. Hence, you can guide your teen to improve their driving skills.

  • Monitor Fuel Consumption

GPS tracking devices can also help you to monitor fuel consumption. This can help you to save unnecessary fuel costs aroused from vehicle idling, bad driving behavior, or vehicle defects. You cannot control the price of the fuel but you can ensure low fuel consumption for sure.

  • Emergencies

GPS devices come in handy in the case of emergencies. If by misfortune your loved one encounters a road accident, you can easily know their location and send help to them. Today many GPS devices come with a feature of SOS button, you can press this button in case of emergency and send emergency services to them.

  • Safeguard your Elders, Teens, and Pets

If you have elderly in your house, you should use a hidden GPS tracking device for them. In your absence, elderly people need to drive cars many times for their regular checks up or appointments, but this can be risky owing to their driving skills and these problems are multiplied if they have a dementia problem. You can take the help of the hidden GPS tracker to know their whereabouts and ensure whether they are taking the correct route or not.

Moreover, if you have an active and independent kind of pet you should take advantage of the GPS tracker. These trackers would constantly send you updates about your pet's location and reduce the risk of them being lost, stolen, or hurt considerably.

  • Peace of Mind

You cannot monitor your vehicle 24 hours but a GPS tracker can. The biggest advantage of a hidden GPS tracking solution is your peace of mind. You can enjoy peace of mind, as the hidden GPS tracker would protect your vehicle from theft.

To avoid any kind of distressing scenario you should consider buying a GPS device for your pets, teen, elderly, or vehicle. 

How to choose the Best Hidden GPS Tracker?

Since you are planning to buy a hidden GPS tracker, here are some features you should look at in a hidden GPS tracker:

  • Real-time Tracking

If you want a real-time location update of your vehicle, you should consider buying a hidden GPS tracking solution with real-time tracking features. This is helpful to track your vehicle as well as send help to your loved ones in case of emergencies.

  • Size

One of the most important requirements of a hidden GPS tracker is its size. A small and compact device can easily be concealed in a purse, backpack, or under a car. 

  • Battery-Life

If you are going with an active hidden GPS tracking device, then you should always look for its battery life. An active hidden tracking device uses a constant internet connection to send you real-time location updates and thus consumes a lot of battery. Therefore, an ideal GPS device should have strong battery life.

  • Case

Hidden GPS trackers are portable and discrete devices and hence can be installed anywhere in the vehicle from outside to inside. This means that it needs a tough and durable case to last long. Therefore, always ensure that you buy a GPS tracking device with a good and strong mount (magnetic mount is preferred).

  • Geofencing

Geofencing is a feature that allows you to create a virtual fence anywhere on the map and sends you a notification whenever a vehicle passes by a predestined fence. This is a useful feature to monitor a teen or an elderly.

  • Drivers Insights and Engine Data

One of the important features you should look for in a hidden GPS device is driver insights. An ideal GPS device would not only help you to track your vehicle but also monitor the driving behavior of the driver. It should send you an alert whenever faulty driving behavior is detected. In addition, it should provide you with a detailed engine report to monitor your device's health and fuel consumption. 

  • Proximity Alerts

This feature is a must to look if you are buying a hidden GPS tracker for your teen or the elderly. This feature sends you a notification whenever the vehicle reaches the destined location. This will help you to monitor the traveling route of your teenager as well as the elderly.

If we missed out on something, this video is there to answer all your questions on hidden GPS Tracking.


10 Best Hidden GPS Trackers Reviewed

Among the plethora of devices in the US market, we have chosen some of the best hidden GPS devices for you. Let’s take a look at them.

Disclaimer: The purpose of this article is to LIST the best products in the market, and not to review or rank them. All the products listed here have several unique features catering to a wide range of customer requirements.

While compiling this list, we evaluated the devices based on their cost, subscription plans, battery life, size, and installation process. We considered factors like the countries they offer coverage in, ease of use of their application, security, or other unique features they offer. We also looked into add-on services these vendors provide – lifetime warranty, 24/7 customer support, installation help, and more.

The intention is to inform and educate the reader on the variety of options available in the market.


Family1st Portable GPS Tracker: Overall Best Hidden GPS tracker

Family1st portable GPS tracker: Best hidden gps tracker


Family1st Portable GPS Tracker is the first GPS device on our list. It is rated as one of the best GPS trackers available in the market and is known to aid in monitoring loved ones, vehicles, and assets. It offers you the most reliable and user-friendly tracking solution at affordable prices. It is the best available option in the market to track teens or the elderly. Moreover, the company provides a range of GPS trackers for bikes, cars, teenagers, or your family members.

Hence you can choose a perfect GPS device according to your needs. Moreover, these devices are compatible with iOS and Android systems and thereby allow you to track anything from anywhere.

The Family1st GPS portable tracking device has a user-friendly interface and can be used by anyone. It offers a powerful real-time tracking solution with a lightning-fast 4G LTE network at a cost-effective price of $28.95. This compact, a mini GPS tracker can fit in a backpack, purse, briefcase, trailer, and toolbox, or car and can be used to track vehicles, assets, pets, and people.

This also has a geofencing feature that allows you to create a virtual fence at any area and notifies you whenever your vehicle, asset or person enters or exits the location. It allows you to monitor the driving behavior of your teen and informs you about the vehicle's health as well. Other benefits of this device are long battery life, 24/7 tech support, and 30-days free return policy, and a lifetime warranty.

Product Highlights

  • Track your assets, vehicle, family, or pets anytime
  • Works in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Cost-Effective GPS tracker for only $28.95
  • Lowest monthly subscription starting at only $19.95
  • GPS tracker integrated with Alexa

Tech Specifications

Dimensions 2.8*1.8*1.1 inches
Weight 3.60 ounces
Connectivity 4G LTE
Compatibility USA, Mexico, and Canada
Battery 2400 mAh Li-Polymer
Warranty Lifetime

Pricing and Subscription

The cost of one device is around $28.95 followed by a monthly subscription of $19.95.


AngelSense Kids' GPS Tracker - Best Hidden GPS Tracker For Kids

angel sense gps tracker

Specially designed for kids, this GPS tracker offers everything that helps you to keep peace of mind. You can even use this GPS tracker for those with dementia, autism, or special needs. One of the noticeable features of this tracker is its assistive speakerphone. With this, you can talk to your child directly and ensure their safety.  

Product Highlights

  • SOS button
  • Accurate Safeguard GPS
  • Intelligent iAlerts
  • Emergency search tools
  • Assistive speakerphone

Tech Specifications

Dimensions 1.9*3*0.8 inches
Weight 0.704 ounces
Connectivity 4G LTE
Compatibility USA
Warranty Lifetime

Pricing and Subscription

The cost of the device is $69 and the monthly subscription fees start around $52 per month. 


Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker - Best Hidden GPS Tracker For Bikes


Another amazing GPS tracker on our list is the Invoxia Cellular GPS tracker. With this tracker, you can protect your loved ones or valuables efficiently. So whether you want to use it for a car or bike, kids or spouse, don't think again just buy it. It is a lightweight, compact tracker that helps you to track almost anything discreetly. 

Product Highlights

  • Discreet tracking
  • Exceptional Battery Life
  • Anti-theft Alarms 
  • Works anywhere in the USA
  • 2-year subscription free

Tech Specifications

Dimensions 4.1*1.1*0.4 inches
Weight 1.05 ounces
Connectivity 4G LTE
Compatibility USA
Warranty Lifetime

Pricing and Subscription

The cost of the device is $159 with two years of free subscription and $129 with one year of free subscription.


Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker Bundle: Most Discreet Hidden GPS Tracker

Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker Bundle


If you are looking for a portable, discrete GPS tracker that enables you to track everything valuable in your life at an affordable price, then this tracker is just for you. Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker is a real-time GPS tracker that enables you to track the location of your assets with a 4G connection. This compact-sized GPS device is easy to hide and offers you a high degree of accuracy.

This device is fully functional in the USA. It can send you an update of the vehicle's location every one minute to five minutes based on your subscription plan. Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker has a user-friendly interface and allows you to track your vehicle using Google maps. This device boasts a long-lasting battery life that operates for two weeks at one charge. This can even be stretched by decreasing the frequency of reporting.

Another important feature to note is that it is constructed with high-quality material to ensure durability therefore, you can keep it and forget it without the worry of replacing it. The best part is that it has an SOS button feature that can be pressed in case of emergency to let your loved one know about your whereabouts.

Product Highlights

  • No Contract, No hidden fees, and can cancel anytime
  • Hide and Track
  • Powerful and discrete tracking
  • Consistent Updates

Tech Specifications

Dimensions 1*1.5*3 inches
Weight 3.3 ounces
Connectivity 4G Cellular connectivity
Battery ‎1 Lithium Polymer battery required (2-week battery)
Warranty Lifetime
Coverage USA and Canada

 Pricing and Subscription

The average cost of an Optimus 2.0 portable GPS tracker device is $39.95. Also, the monthly charge is around $19.95 per month. 


Spark Nano 7 GPS Tracker -Best Hidden GPS Tracker for Luggage


Do you often travel throughout the USA, Mexico, and Canada? Want to track your belongings or loved ones back home discreetly? Well, then here is another amazing GPS tracker for you: Spark Nano 7 GPS tracker by Brick house security. With full coverage across North America, this GPS tracker is unbeatable. The design of this tracker is slim and can easily be mounted on anything. So you can track your teen or spouse without letting them know. 

Product Highlights

  • Full 4G coverage over North America
  • Affordable subscription
  • Easy to install
  • Lifetime customer support
  • Real-time tracking

Tech Specifications

Dimensions 3*1.58*1 inches
Weight 3.3 ounces
Connectivity 4G LTE
Compatibility USA, Mexico, and Canada
Warranty Lifetime

Pricing and Subscription

The cost of the device is $24.95. And the monthly subscription fees start from $17.99. 


Americaloc GL300w GPS Tracker: Best Real-time Hidden GPS Tracker

Americaloc GL300 GPS Tracker


The Americaloc GL300w is another top GPS tracking device on our list. This compact and portable GPS device can be used to track anything. It easily fits in pockets, backpacks, cases, and purses, or a car. This portable GPS tracking device allows you to get a real-time location update of your vehicle. It will also send you alerts via SMS or email whenever speeding or low battery life is detected. It has a long battery life that lasts for weeks.

Moreover, this device is easy to use and allows you to get location updates for every 10, 30, or 60 seconds. You can even check your route history for up to 1 year and thus helps you to monitor your vehicle's route.  

Product Highlights

  • Track vehicles, assets, people, and many more
  • Easy to use
  • Geofencing,
  • Peace of Mind

Tech Specifications

Dimensions 2.7*1.5*0.92 inches
Weight 2.4 ounces
Connectivity 4G
Compatibility US, Canada, and Mexico
Battery 1 Lithium-ion battery
Warranty 1 year

 Pricing and Subscription

The price of the device is $109.90 and the Last, monthly subscription is around $25 per month and even less.


Prime Tracking Personal GPS Tracker - Best Personal Hidden GPS Tracker

Prime Tracking PTGL 300 MA GPS tracker


Prime Tracking GPS Tracker Mini Portable device helps you to track anyone or anything. This 3 inches tall device can be used to track your vehicle, spy on your cheating spouse, monitor your teens driving patterns, and ensure the safety of the elderly without their notice. This device integrates with Google maps to facilitate tracking and send you an alert in case of over speeding. You can track your vehicle with convenience from mobile apps both iOS and android and on PC.

The best feature of this GPS device is the in-built SOS button that can be used in case of emergency. All you need is to press the button, your whereabouts will be sent to your family, and they can send you immediate help. 

Product Highlights

  • Monitor your loved ones
  • Instant updates
  • SOS button
  • Integration with Google map
  • Fast and Friendly 24/7 customer support

Tech Specifications

Dimensions 1.57*1.05*3.07 inches
Weight 2.4 ounces
Connectivity 4G LTE
Compatibility US, Canada, and Mexico
Battery 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required
Warranty Lifetime

Pricing and Subscription

The price of a device is $29.99 followed by a monthly subscription of $25 per month.


Amcrest GPS GL300 4G Portable Mini GPS Tracker

Amcrest GPS GL300 GPS Tracker for Vehicles


Amcrest GPS GL300 tracking solutions use 4G connectivity to facilitate tracking of anyone from anywhere. This GPS tracker can be used to track a variety of things such as a car, person, pet, or many others. It allows you to track the location of the vehicle from any android and iOS Smartphone app.

Amcrest GPS tracker comes with an in-built high-quality battery of 2600 mAh. This battery is durable and water-resistant, it would last long according to your subscription such as 10-14 days with a 60 seconds update, and 2-3 days for 5 seconds update.

The other notable features of this device are durability, water-resistant casing, intuitive UI, geofencing, alerts, and many more.

Product Highlights

  • Versatile casing
  • Intuitive UI
  • Real-time tracking device
  • Geofencing
  • Longer battery life

Tech Specifications

Dimensions 3*1.5*1 inches
Weight 9.1 ounces
Connectivity 4G GPS  Tracker
Compatibility US, Canada, and Mexico
Battery 1 Lithium polymer battery
Warranty 1 year

Pricing and Subscription

The price of the device is around $52.99 and monthly subscription plans are:

  •   $19.99 for 60-second updates
  •   $24.99 for 30-second updates
  •   $29.99 for 15-second updates
  •   $34.99 for 5-second updates


LandAirSea 54 Magnetic GPS Tracker: Most Compact Hidden GPS Tracker

Land Air Sea GPS Tracker


Are you looking for a waterproof and durable GPS tracker? Look no further as LandAirSea 54 is the solution for you. This GPS device enables you to track anything or anyone with real-time location updates. It can withstand extreme weather conditions and can be installed either inside or outside your vehicle. It has a long-lasting battery that works for around 1-2 weeks at a single charge.

This device can help you to track your child, spouse, or even the elderly, and can be used for commercial purposes. This small scotch tape-sized GPS tracker can easily hide in the backpack, purse, and luggage or under your vehicle and can be used to track vehicles, assets, children, absent spouses, or even the elderly.

Moreover, it comes with a strong magnetic mount that holds in its place even in rigid journeys. It has an easy-to-use interface and has silver cloud web-based software to customize the features according to your needs. You can track your vehicle or anyone from a mobile app that works on both android and iOS. Other features include geofence; address proximity alerting, historical playback, and many more.

Product Highlights

  • Ultra-compact design
  • Reliable tracking
  • Strong magnetic mount
  • Waterproof & Weatherproof

Tech Specifications

Dimensions 2.25*2.25*0.8 inches
Weight 4.8 ounces
Connectivity 4G LTE
Compatibility Full Global Coverage
Battery 1 Lithium-ion battery required
Warranty 1 year

 Pricing and Subscription

The device costs around $29.95 and the monthly subscription plan starts from $19.95 to as high as $49.95 per month.


Tracki Mini GPS Tracker - Best Affordable Hidden GPS Tracker

tracki mini gps tracker


Tracki Mini GPS tracker has made it to our list because of its affordability. It is easy to install and use. The device’s small size makes it perfect for discreet or hidden tracking. You can use it to track vehicles, people, pets or other assets. Tracki Mini offers safe zone, speed alert, and motion alert along with faster recovery feature in case your asset is lost or stolen.

Product Highlights

  • Product Highlights
  • Worldwide coverage
  • 5 years of historical data
  • Option for an extra bigger battery
  • Indoor and outdoor tracking supported

Tech Specifications

Dimensions 1.74*1.5*0.6  inches
Weight 1,26 ounces
Connectivity 4G LTE
Compatibility Worldwide
Warranty Lifetime

Pricing and Subscription

The device costs $28.88 and the monthly subscription starts from $19.95.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are hidden GPS trackers?

Hidden GPS trackers are small, discreet devices that can be attached to a vehicle, person, or object to track their location without being noticed.

Why would someone use a hidden GPS tracker?

There are many reasons why someone might use a hidden GPS tracker, such as to monitor the location of a vehicle for security or safety purposes, to track the whereabouts of a loved one, or to keep tabs on employees or assets.

Are hidden GPS trackers legal?

It depends on the jurisdiction and intended use of the GPS tracker. In general, it is legal to use a GPS tracker on your own property or in situations where you have the legal right to track someone, such as with a company-owned vehicle or a child's phone. However, it may be illegal to track someone without their consent or to use a GPS tracker for illegal purposes.

How do I choose the right hidden GPS tracker for me?

To choose the right hidden GPS tracker, you should consider factors such as battery life, tracking accuracy, size and portability, and additional features such as geofencing or real-time alerts. You should also consider your budget and intended use for the device.


We hope you have found your ideal GPS tracker. This hidden GPS tracker list is curated from top customer reviews and brands. Among these top 10 hidden GPS trackers, you can choose one according to your needs, brand, durability, price, and many more.

Remember, with technological advancement, the miscreants are also getting smart, they now can easily detect a GPS tracker and remove it. This can increase the risk of theft or abduction. Though you can solve this problem simply by choosing a hidden GPS tracker.

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