10 Best GPS Trackers With No Monthly Fees in 2024

10 Best GPS Trackers With No Monthly Fees in 2024

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is undeniably one of the best technologies in the world right now. It has been doing wonders since the time it launched. The application of GPS technology has enhanced from simple tracking to complicated business tasks like managing assets.

The latest features of GPS technology like live tracking, notifications, analytics with detailed insights, tracking travel history, and others make it a beloved technology. When it comes to the safety of your loved ones, the GPS tracker is hands down the best innovation you will ever need. The GPS tracker can help you locate your cars, pets, and beloved family members. 

However, the GPS trackers available need some monthly subscription fees. Some of these trackers come with a steep monthly subscription, urging people to look for GPS trackers with no monthly fee. A GPS tracker without a monthly fee lets the customer use it without extra charges. Such devices provide you with all the benefits of a GPS tracker without paying a fee. You get the same benefits without paying for a contract or service charges of a GPS tracker.

If you are looking for such devices, you are at the right place! Take a look at the list of 10 GPS Trackers With No Monthly Fees.

Top 10 GPS Trackers With No Monthly Fees

Disclaimer: The purpose of this article is to list the best GPS Trackers with No Monthly Fees and not review or rank them. All the products listed here have several unique features catering to a wide range of customer requirements.

Family1st GPS Tracker - The Best tracker for family 

Family1st portable GPS tracker



Yearly Subscription: $167.4 Cost of Device: $28.95 One of the best no subscription gps trackers in the market for your loved ones is indeed the Family 1st GPS tracker. It not only gives you maximum security but also needs minimal maintenance. The tracker has a sturdy body that will last long and track your family effectively. It is also known as one of the most cost-effective GPS trackers available. You get various features like real-time tracking, Alexa integration, current location updates, geofencing, alerts by emails or messages, a 24-hour travel history, and so on. The reports are available on the server for 365 days, and you can download them anytime you wish. Data is easily available on any Android/iOS.  Family1st tracker helps you track assets indoors using Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi tracking feature is helpful in various ways. It helps find the device if lost or any of your lost assets.  A feature that makes the device liked by so many is its battery life which lasts more than two weeks even with continuous updates. It also uses 4G cellular technology for fast-tracking. You can send quick updates using the 4G technology. 

Product Highlights

  • Track your assets, vehicle, family, or pets anytime
  • Works in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Cost-Effective GPS tracker for only $28.95
  • The lowest monthly subscription starts at only $19.95
  • GPS tracker integrated with Alexa

Tech Specifications

Dimensions 2.8*1.8*1.1 inches
Weight 3.60 ounces
Connectivity 4G LTE
Compatibility USA, Mexico, and Canada
Battery 2400 mAh Li-Polymer
Warranty Lifetime

Pricing and Subscription

The cost of one device is around $28.95 followed by a monthly subscription of $19.95.


LandAirSea Sync Real-Time 4G LTE GPS Tracker - The best waterproof tracker 

Land Air Sea GPS Tracker



Yearly Subscription: $179.55 Cost of Device: $24.95 The LandAirSea is a real-time LTE GPS tracker that provides you with pinpoint tracking with an accuracy of approximately 6 feet. It has a special feature of sending you an accident alert and bad driving behavior. You also get a notification if your car collides and gets into an accident. The geofencing feature of the device sends you alerts about arrivals and departures. You can get reports about engine checks, fuel, low battery, braking, and excessive RPM. The data collected is available to you on your computer and phone both. Data on past trips are available as historical data.  The LandAirSea tracker is the easiest to install on your vehicle. You only have to plug the device into the OBDII port of the vehicle, and it's good to track. As for this tracker, you don't have to worry about changing batteries since it uses power from the OBDII. The waterproof device comes with a one-year warranty. 

Product Highlights

  • Ultra-compact design
  • Reliable tracking
  • Strong magnetic mount
  • Waterproof & Weatherproof

Tech Specifications

Dimensions 2.25*2.25*0.8 inches
Weight 4.8 ounces
Connectivity 4G LTE
Compatibility Full Global Coverage
Battery 1 Lithium-ion battery required
Warranty 1 year

 Pricing and Subscription

The device costs around $29.95 and the monthly subscription plan starts from $19.95 to as high as $49.95 per month. 


Amcrest AM-GL300 GPS Tracker - The best for private use 

Amcrest GPS GL300 GPS Tracker for cars



Yearly Subscription: $102 Cost of Device: $39.99 The Amcrest AM-GL300 is a 2G real-time tracker considered best for personal use. It offers real-time tracking with updates through a mobile phone or PC. The user-friendly interface lets you monitor activities, give alerts, and create custom reports. The links generated can be shared with your friends, family, and colleagues. Amcrest uses Google Maps to track and map the routes.  You need not worry about the Amcrest device as it is sturdy with a waterproof casing. It has a powerful battery that lasts for up to 14 days approximately. The Amcrest app shows you the battery percentage. You also get a lifetime warranty and 24x7 customer support service.  

Product Highlights

  • Versatile casing
  • Intuitive UI
  • Real-time tracking device
  • Geofencing
  • Longer battery life

Tech Specifications

Dimensions 3*1.5*1 inches
Weight 9.1 ounces
Connectivity 4G GPS  Tracker
Compatibility US, Canada, and Mexico
Battery 1 Lithium polymer battery
Warranty 1 year

Pricing and Subscription

The price of the device is around $52.99 and monthly subscription plans are:
  •   $19.99 for 60-second updates
  •   $24.99 for 30-second updates
  •   $29.99 for 15-second updates
  •   $34.99 for 5-second updates

Trakkit Wi-Fi GPS Tracker - The best Wi-Fi tracker


Cost of Device: $119.95 Tracker with a Wi-Fi connection? Yes, it is available! The Trakkit device will do its job of tracking as long as a strong Wi-Fi connection is available. No separate sim card or monthly charges are required for using this device.  You are entitled to receive all the features of a basic GPS tracker with the Trakkit. These include real-time locating, logging, and reporting. When you get the device in range of your Wi-Fi, it uploads the recorded data to the server. The data is available on the Trakkit app that you can access on iOS and android phone devices.  The compact device weighs only 1.2 oz along with batteries. It is used to track your luggage, motorbike, cars, etc. The vendor provides you with a magnetic case at an extra cost that makes the device waterproof. 

Product Highlights

  • Wi-Fi tracker
  • No SIM required
  • Small and lightweight

Battery and Specs

  • Size: 2.25″ x 1.3″ x .75″
  • Weight: 1.2 Oz
  • Battery: 2 Energizer AAA Lithium Batteries
  • 2 months of battery life with average use

Bartun GPS Tracker - The best one for your pets

Cost of Device: $219.99 If you are looking for a tracker to track your beloved pets, this one is for you. The Bartun is the best for your furry friends. You need to insert a SIM card to enjoy real-time tracking. However, you do not need to pay a monthly subscription fee for the device. The tracker comes with IPX7 waterproof technology. Thus you need not worry about your pet splashing in that puddle. A notable feature of this device is health monitoring. The feature allows you to track your pet's movements, walking mileage, or the calories burned. If your pug, beagle, or any other breed of dog is at risk of high obesity, the application will help. The coverage of this device is over 150 countries. 

Product Highlights

  • Pet tracker
  • Health Activity Monitor
  • Waterproof
  • Real-time tracking
  • Coverage in over 150 countries

Battery and Specs

  • Size: 3.27″ x 3.23″ x 2.32″
  • Weight: 5.29 Oz
  • Battery: NA
  • 2-3 days of active battery life with 10-minute updates.
  • 10-days battery life on sleep mode

JimiloT GV20 3G Tracker for vehicles - The best OBD tracker


Cost of Device: $24.95 The JimitoT GV20 3G is a tracker used especially for automobiles, and it is super cost-effective. It is used in cars, buses, motorbikes, and fleet trucks. The tracker works on a triple way of locating GPS + LBS + ABS positioning. You can rely on the accuracy of the real-time updates. The device allows you to choose from various options for alerts like vibration, low-battery, geofence alert, etc.  When you set a geofence area, you will get a message when the authorized tracker leaves that particular area or returns to that area. The tracking device saves your data for 180 days, providing you an option to track the history any time you want.  What makes this device most effective is the anti-theft feature. You get a notification when there is an unexpected movement of the vehicle. The message is sent to you via SMS. It also allows you to cut off the power or petrol connection in the car.  All the features are accessible via laptop, PC, or tablet. You can use the app on iOS and Android devices as well. 

Product Highlights

  • Dust and water-resistant
  • Ignition detection
  • Remote cut off
  • Tamper Alert

Battery and Specs

  • Size: 3.14" x 1.8" x 0.5"
  • Weight: 2.1 Oz
  • Battery: 400mAh/3.7V industrial-grade Li-Polymer battery
  • Battery Type: Connected to the vehicle
  • Unlimited battery life as it gets power from the vehicle's engine

GeoZilla GPS Tracker - The tracker with worldwide coverage

GeoZilla GPS Tracker for ATVs


Yearly Subscription: $80 Cost of Device: $79.99 The GeoZilla tracker uses GPS and cell ID technology. With the help of the latest technology, the device gives you an accurate location. The device uses a wireless GSM network to update your positions to the GeoZilla app. This way you can view the location of the device. You get an SOS Button, through which you get notified via email, text, or app notifications. Real-time tracking is possible because of GPS and GSM. The company provides you with full-time support from dedicated experts. 

Product Highlights

  • Compact real-time GPS tracker
  • SOS button
  • Best for tracking Elderly, Kids, and Pets
  • Global Coverage

Tech Specifications

Price $79.99
Monthly Subscription $19.99
Product Dimension 1.85 x 1.6 x 0.7 inches
Connection Type 4G
Connectivity Option Cellular
Warranty Lifetime

Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker


Yearly Subscription: Free subscription for the first two years. After that, annual subscription fees of $39.95.  Cost of Device: $159 Are you worried about your car's safety due to theft cases? Well, here is an option for you- Invoxia cellular GPS tracker. It is a good choice for you to protect your vehicle from theft. Even if it gets stolen, you can still recover it using accurate real-time location updates every 30 seconds.  Invoxia cellular GPS tracker is a portable device. You can hide it anywhere in the car so it doesn't catch the thieves' attention. The device allows you to receive tracking alerts every 2, 5, 10, or 30 minutes. It also has anti-theft alerts that notify you if someone tries to move your car without your permission. 

Product Highlights

  • Real-time Alerts       
  • Multiple Geofence
  • Add-on for increasing battery life
  • Faster processing of data
  • Coverage in over 190 countries
  • Custom contacts alert for emergencies

Tech Specifications

Size: 1.75″ x 1.6″ x 0.6″ Weight: 1.26 Oz Battery: 3,5000 mAh  Battery Type: Internal and Rechargeable 2-3 active battery life with 1-5 updates every minute Three months battery with one update per day

Pricing and Subscription 

You can get the device by paying $159, with which you will get two years of free subscription. After which, you will have to pay a $39.95 annual subscription fee to continue using the service.


Samsung Smartthings Tracker


Yearly Subscription: Free for one year, and then $50 per year. 
Cost of Device: Not available  Samsung Smartthings is a reliable way to locate your loved ones or valuable items in real-time. The device uses LTE connectivity. You can enjoy indoor and outdoor tracking.  It is the best way to track your pets, elderly, or kids. You can even use this tracker to track your backpack during vacation or your bike.  It has a decent battery life that can last up to 4-5 days with active tracking and ten days in power-saving mode. You can create multiple zones over the map to get notifications when someone passes by it. It also has an SOS button that can help you in an emergency. You will receive an alert and real-time location information. Another notable thing about Samsung Smartthings is that you can enjoy free cellular service for the whole year. After which, the charges are low, i.e., $5 per month or $50 per year. 

Product Highlights

Live to track Wi-fi Connectivity Water-resistant Durable Lightweight and compact

Tech Specifications

Size: 1.7" x 1.7" x 0.5" Weight: 0.8 Oz Battery: Li-ion polymer Battery Type: ‎Internal and Rechargeable  5-day active battery life with 1-minute update 10-day battery life on sleep mode (no activity)

Pricing and Subscription

The price of the Samsung Smart things tracker is not mentioned on the website. You can enjoy one year of free cellular service, after which you can choose between $5 per month or $50 per year.


Sherlock Antitheft Tracker

Sherlock expands global connected GPS anti-theft security coverage - Bikerumor


Monthly Subscription: Free for the first two years and then $3.65 per month.  Cost of Device: $157 Are you looking for a GPS tracker that can help you to track your bike? Sherlock Antitheft tracker is the perfect option for you. It has a simple installation. All you need to do is pair the device with your device via Bluetooth, attach the tracker to your bike, and get your bike passport.  You can hide the tracker in the handlebars to enjoy discreet tracking and protect it from prying eyes. It has several modes, such as park modes and theft modes.  You can switch to park mode after parking your bike. In this way, you will receive an immediate alert if someone tries to move it. In case of theft, you can switch to the other mode to get fast real-time location information. 

Product Highlights

  • Unique design 
  • Completely concealed
  • Accurate location
  • Location sharing in case of theft

Tech Specifications

  • Size: 4.7" x 1" x 0.7"
  • Weight: 1.77 Oz
  • Battery: NA
  • Battery Type: Internal and Rechargeable
  • Seven days active battery life for average use

Pricing and Subscription 

The price of the Sherlock Antitheft tracker is $159. You can enjoy two years of free service, after which you will have to pay $3.65 per month to use the features.  


What are the benefits of having a GPS tracker with No Monthly Fees?  

The application of the Global Positioning System is proving to be a boon for everyone. A GPS tracker works like an anti-theft device. If you have elderly parents or teenagers at home, you must consider buying a tracker. You can place the tracker suspiciously inside the vehicle and nobody will come to know. It is the best way to track your teenager's car. 

When you do not have to pay monthly fees, it is beneficial. It is more fruitful than having a tracker with a monthly fee. Take a look at the advantages listed below: 

1) It saves you money

One of the primary benefits of opting for a tracker without a monthly subscription is, that you save money. The extra charge for the subscription is kept safe. All benefits you get like other trackers without having to pay extra. 

2) It provides real-time tracking 

And without saying, the GPS tracker will help you with real-time tracking. It sends you the real-time location of your loved ones, making a great relief for you. You know where they are at the present moment, so you are relieved. If the tracker is attached to your luggage or assets, you can track them too. 

3) It improves productivity

Commercial truck companies or fleet managers use GPS trackers to track the drivers and manage the fleet. The tracker effectively helps in monitoring routes, driving behavior, vehicle performance, mileage, schedules, etc. All of this helps in improving overall productivity. 

4) It safeguards against theft

You always want to safeguard your belongings from any theft. When you have a tracker installed in the car, you will know its location. In case your vehicle is stolen, you will get a notification. You can track the car and possibly get it back. Thus, you can say that the tracker is 'Anti-theft.'

5) It keeps track of past locations

The tracking device is the best when you want to keep a record of past activities. You can check your location history with this feature. The data is stored in cloud storage or the tracker. This data is accessible to you at any given time via the app or tracker. 

6) It protects your pets

Your pets also get benefits from GPS trackers. If your pet gets uncontrollable when you take them out for a walk, you might need a GPS tracker for them. While you converse with your neighbor, they might reach another street or locality. Attaching a GPS tracker will help you in locating them with ease and will also keep them safe. 

7) It gets you to help in an emergency

In the case of an emergency, GPS trackers are a gift from God. If you get robbed, meet an accident, get lost - the tracker will help you. It allows you to inform the required authorities quickly. You can check the location on your tracker and send it to your friend or anyone for help. It is of great help when you are driving in an unknown area or driving alone. 

8) It analyses the performance

The GPS tracker is one of the best devices if you want to track the performance of your car. There are various parameters to check the efficiency. You can check the distance traveled, type of routes, the driving behavior, and the speed of the car. All you need to do is install a GPS tracker. 

You are entitled to get all these amazing benefits when you use a GPS tracker. Without paying monthly subscription fees, you can protect yourself and your loved ones.  

However, there are certain things that you must consider before buying GPS Trackers with No Monthly Fees. Have a look at the list below:

1) The power source of the tracker

A few trackers are powered by OBDII of vehicles while some with batteries. The battery-based trackers need to be charged when the battery is low. So you must check the mAh power. If you prefer a battery that doesn't need charging, you can go for OBDII ones. 

2) The location update time

The location update time differs from one model to another. Most devices update the location every 15, 30, or 60 seconds. You also get trackers that update the current area every 3 or 5 minutes. The time-frequency depends on your needs. However, some trackers let you change the default time of the tracker. 

3) The data storage

Another vital thing to consider is data storage. Some trackers store your data for 3 to 5 years, while some store it for a year. Certain companies charge some amount to retrieve the data from the cloud. Your estimated total cost can change in such a case. 

With all the information, you can now make an informed decision when buying GPS trackers with No Monthly Fees. You must always consider the needs of your loved one. With so many thefts and medical issues, a tracker will secure your loved ones and valuables.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are GPS trackers with no monthly fees?

GPS trackers with no monthly fees are devices that offer GPS tracking services without the need for a monthly subscription or recurring fees.

What are some common uses for GPS trackers with no monthly fees?

GPS trackers with no monthly fees can be used for tracking vehicles, pets, or personal belongings, as well as for monitoring the location and safety of children or elderly family members.

How do GPS trackers with no monthly fees work?

GPS trackers with no monthly fees use GPS technology to track and transmit the location of an object or person. Some devices use alternative means of communication, such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, to transmit location data to a smartphone app.

What are some important features to look for in a GPS tracker with no monthly fees?

Important features to consider when choosing a GPS tracker with no monthly fees include accuracy, durability, ease of use, and the ability to set geofencing alerts and receive real-time location updates. You may also want to consider additional features such as waterproofing, battery life, and tamper detection.

Can GPS trackers with no monthly fees be used in remote locations?

GPS trackers with no monthly fees can be used in remote locations as long as they have a clear view of the sky to receive GPS signals. However, some models may require cellular coverage or Wi-Fi connectivity to transmit location data.

How do I choose the best GPS tracker with no monthly fees for my needs?

When choosing a GPS tracker with no monthly fees, consider your specific needs and requirements, such as the size and weight of the device, its battery life, and the features you need. You may also want to read reviews and compare prices to find the best option for your budget.

How can I ensure the safety and security of my personal information when using a GPS tracker with no monthly fees?

To ensure the safety and security of your personal information, choose a reputable brand that uses secure communication protocols to transmit location data. You should also review the device's privacy policy and take steps to secure the device, such as using a strong password and enabling two-factor authentication.

Final Words

GPS trackers are an excellent way to protect your loved ones and assets. It provides real-time location information and keeps you updated. But if you always have been avoiding it as it is out of your budget, some companies offer GPS trackers with no monthly fees.

  • Some companies only charge you one-time fees for the device and allow you to access the tracking features for a limited period. After that, you will pay again to continue enjoying the real-time location tracking.
  • Other companies do not charge monthly fees but only offer you limited functionalities. They do not provide real-time location updates & you can access the location information only when you plug the device into the computer. 
  • Some companies offer your GPS tracker for some months for free. After which, you will have to sign up for a yearly contract to use the product. 
  • Some vendors provide you with both monthly and annual based subscription plans. You can choose long-term subscription plans to save and avoid the chaos of re-purchasing the subscription frequently. 

You can choose anyone to protect your loved ones and valuable possessions. Before you select any tracking devices, you should consider their monthly subscription plans and other things to make the most of your investment. 

Many devices that claim not to charge monthly subscriptions lack features such as real-time location information, customizable alerts, geofencing, SOS button, etc. Even if you save initially, you will lose in the long term. Also, the whole purpose of buying a GPS tracker will go in vain, if you cannot enjoy these features. 

So you should also consider several other advanced features, such as live tracking, an SOS button, and easy theft recovery, to provide maximum security and ensure your peace of mind. You should go with an affordable GPS tracker that offers these safety features. 

Family1st is one such affordable solution that you can check on. It offers the lowest subscription fees and provides these and many other features.

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