7 Best GPS Trackers For ATVs : Track your ATVs Smartly

7 Best GPS Trackers For ATVs : Track your ATVs Smartly

If your search for GPS trackers for ATVs has brought you here, we want to commend you - for realizing the need and benefits of a GPS tracker. Traversing rugged roads with an ATV (All-terrain vehicle) is an exciting and adrenaline-inducing adventure. No wonder we have a national championship for racing ATVs!

However, riding ATVs comes with a set of concerns for both - drivers and owners. As ATVs are expensive and lightweight, they are prone to theft. Moreover, these vehicles work best in remote and rough terrain, where locating them in case of emergency can be difficult. So yes, deciding to get an ATV GPS tracker is probably the best!

Getting a GPS tracker for your ATV can help you in several ways. Read on to see how a GPS tracker can be beneficial for you.

7 Best GPS Trackers For ATV [Reviews]

*Numbers here represent a list, not a ranking.

Family1st Portable GPS Tracker - Best Affordable GPS Tracker



The Family1st Portable GPS tracker is a real-time GPS tracker specially designed for personal use. This tracking device has all the necessary features which make it a good choice for tracking ATVs. It can effortlessly track kids, teens, the elderly, pets, vehicles, and valuables, available at a very low monthly subscription. It has a 2400 mAh powerful battery that can work for two weeks. The robust design and high-tech hardware make it one of the most durable devices. Its intuitive alerting system includes speed, harsh braking, late-night driving, low battery, and Geofence. The Panic button allows you to send instant alerts to your contacts in emergencies. "Alexa Integration" and "Indoor Tracking" are two of the unique features of this device. This device is available at $28.95 with a monthly subscription of $19.95. 

Trak-4 GPS Tracker - Best Sturdy GPS Tracker

Trak 4 gps Tracker

Trak-4 GPS tracker is a rugged yet portable GPS tracker that provides you with all the basic features at an affordable price. This tracker is a bit heavier than usual but can fit into your pocket or any compact space. You can access the data through a web app optimized for PC and mobile. The cell-trilateration feature assists in providing an approximate location when the GPS signal is not available. It has got a high-capacity rechargeable battery that can work for 18 months on a single charge. The TKSTAR TK905 is available at 48.80 with a monthly subscription of $6.99 per month.

LandAirSea GPS Tracker - Best GPS Tracker For Hidden Tracking

Land Air Sea GPS TrackerThe LandAirSea GPS tracker is best known for its discreet tracking. You can track almost anything that moves with the help of this tracker. Due to its lightweight and round shape, you can place it within any tiny space of a vehicle, bag, purse, etc. The "Dark Mode" allows you to turn off the LED for discreet tracking. The battery of this tracking device can last up to one to three weeks on the update interval from three seconds to three minutes. The price of the LandAirSea GPS tracker is $29.95. The monthly subscription fee for this device is $19.95. 

GeoZilla GPS Tracker - Best GPS Tracker With No Monthly Fee

GeoZilla GPS Tracker for ATVs


The GeoZilla GPS Tracker is a user-friendly, small, and lightweight GPS device available at no monthly fee. This tracker is suitable for cars, motorbikes, boats, jet skis, ATVs, RVs, trailers, business assets, fleets, etc. It is a multipurpose tracker that works for any situation. You can use this tracker for outdoor as well as indoor tracking. Moreover, this tracking device has worldwide coverage. You can create custom alerts for arrival and departure with this device. Apart from that, you can also use SOS and Geofence features to send and receive alerts. The battery of GeoZilla can work for five days on a full charge with a 60-second update. The GeoZilla GPS Tracker is available at $121.98. There is no monthly subscription charged for this GPS tracker. 


TKSTAR TK905 GPS Tracker - Best Waterproof/Weatherproof GPS Tracker

TKSTAR TK915 GPS Tracker


TKSTAR TK905 is another rugged-body real-time waterproof GPS tracker. It uses both GPS and LBS to provide you with precise location positioning. The IP65 waterproof is suitable for your off-road tracking. The 5000 mAh battery of this device is powerful enough to work for one to three weeks. The built-in magnets help in mounting the device on any iron surface. This sturdy device is specially designed for rough use and is suitable for ATV tracking purposes. TKSTAR charges you $68.68 for this tracking device with no monthly fees. 


Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker - Best Lightweight GPS Tracker

Invoxia Cellular is a standalone GPS tracker designed to track cars, motorbikes, bags, and valuables. It is a lightweight, compact, and discreet tracking device that can be placed in any small space. The battery of Invoxia can last up to 4 months if you use it with the default updates setting. You can receive alerts via email or text messages. This device is also compatible with IFTTT (If This Then That), through which you can control your light, music, and thermostats when your tracker enters or leaves an area. This tracking device is available at $129 with a one-year free subscription plan. 

Trackimo 3G GPS Tracker - Best in Worldwide Coverage

Trackimo gps tracker: Best in worldwide coverage gps trackers for ATV


Trackimo is one of the tiniest GPS trackers available in the market. It is a versatile tracking device used for tracking people, pets, vehicles, drones, and equipment. This tracking device has worldwide coverage. You can track the device anywhere with a cellular network. You can receive alerts via text or email on Geofence breach, overspeeding, and sudden movement. It also features an SOS button and two more preset alert buttons for an emergency. The battery of Trackimo can last up to 30 days in energy-saving mode. Therefore, you can place it anywhere and track it for a long duration. The Trackimo GPS tracker is available at $198 that includes a one-year worldwide cell service. 


How are GPS Trackers for ATVs beneficial?

Real-Time Location Tracking

Advanced GPS tracker offers precise location data anywhere and anytime you want. You can use the real-time GPS tracker to find your ATV's accurate locations. It can also track in remote areas, forests, off-road, or on the moor - the places where ATVs are convenient. Through a real-time tracker, you can check where your dear ones are traveling at a given time and whether the area is safe for them or not.

Finding Paths

Although ATVs are multipurpose, their most popular use is recreational. You may take it for off-road riding, hill riding, camping, etc. The areas you choose for these activities are usually isolated, with no signboards for directions. There is a possibility that you might get lost while riding your ATV. An ATV GPS tracker can be beneficial in such cases as you can find your way back through the navigation feature.

Theft Alert and Recovery

An average ATV with full specs and a mid-size engine can cost up to $10,000, and this is probably the best reason to get a GPS tracker to secure them. In case of theft, you will be able to recover it easily, before the ATV is sold in the black market, or worse - dismantled for its parts.

GPS trackers give real-time locations that you can share with the police, enabling faster recovery. Also, you can get a wholesome GPS solution that offers motion or unauthorized touch sensors and alarms. That way, you can nip the problem in the bud!

Alerts On Crossing Virtual Boundaries

If you own an ATV, you must be aware of the risk factors it carries along. ATVs can be unsteady and tough to control, especially when your untrained family members drive them at high speeds. If they ride an ATV on a plane surface or ground, they might be able to handle it. However, driving an ATV on an irregular surface can be challenging. Crash and collisions may happen often, and some of them can be fatal.

To avoid these mishaps, you can first train your kids, teens, and spouse to ride an ATV. Alternatively, you can set up Geofences. The geofencing feature of a GPS tracker allows you to define virtual boundaries on the map to get alerts whenever the kids or teens cross those boundaries. This way, you can create a safer area for them to traverse and avoid a ride in high-risk areas.

Helpful In Many Sports

ATVs are popular in many types of sports such as Quad Racing, Treasure Hunting, Desert Racing, Hill Climbing, Cross-Country Racing, Snow Racing, and many more. A GPS tracker comes in handy in all of these sports. You can use it to find shorter paths, analyze driving behavior, and check your current position in the race. The racing team managers can check the racers' positions and get a better analysis of the game.

Alerts You On Towing

ATVs are not beyond the scope of traffic rules, and any negligence can attract the attention of law authorities. If you have parked your ATV in an unauthorized area, it may get towed by the traffic police. A GPS tracker can assist you in alerting you that your vehicle is moving. You can immediately reach the spot and avoid the extra labor to find your vehicle. The motion sensor of the GPS tracker is capable enough to let you know that someone is trying to move it.

Alerts You On Speeding

ATVs have always been associated with thrill and excitement. You might lend your ATV to someone who gets excited with speed. They might damage the vehicle by reckless driving, crossing the speed limit, and not following safety measures. An ATV GPS tracker comes with an alert on overspeeding. You will get notified through the email, text, or companion app when they cross the preset speed limit.

Alerts You On Low Battery

While you are traveling through an unfamiliar area, the battery of the GPS tracker is a crucial factor for safety. Thus, using an efficient GPS tracker with a low-battery alert can be life-saving. The tracker would alert the user on low battery so they can charge it as soon as possible. A low battery alert will give you time to reach the nearest charging point and recharge the device before it drains out.


ATVs are known for riding in muddy, dirt, and damp areas. An advanced ATV GPS tracker with water-resistant hardware is beneficial when you take your ATV to these conditions. A waterproof GPS tracker would even let you track the locations underwater.

Portable And Compact Devices

GPS trackers for ATVs are portable and compact devices. You can carry them anywhere you want and place them in any tiny space. Even if your ATV doesn't have any dedicated space to keep the tracking device, you can carry it in your pocket or mount it anywhere on the vehicle.

What should you consider before buying a GPS Tracker for ATVs?

Sturdy Device

Choose a GPS device for ATVs that is sturdy and durable so you can use it in any situation or condition. A "rough 'n' tough" device can bear all the crashes and collisions even if you mount it on unsafe areas of the vehicle.


If you own an ATV, one of the purposes would be to ride it in muddy and damp areas. A waterproof tracker also allows uninterrupted tracking of your vehicle in rainy weather.

Long Battery Life

It is always a wise choice to buy a GPS tracker with long battery life. The trackers that have short battery backups can betray you at any moment. You do not want the GPS tracker to stop tracking your dear ones, especially in the case of emergencies.

Two-Way Communication

If you get a GPS tracker for ATV with two-way communication, it would be a plus point. Kids, teens, and the elderly are prone to panic in emergencies. A tracker with two-way messaging or calls allows them to interact with you hassle-free.

SOS feature

Check if there is an SOS or panic button before buying an ATV GPS tracker. The SOS feature is a simple way to send an alert to your contacts or emergency services. You can send the alert notification by just pressing the dedicated button on the tracker.


Get yourself a tracker that is compatible with any mobile device or tablet. You should be able to connect or sync your GPS device with any device you want.


Find a GPS tracker for ATV that comes with a long-term warranty. Just like any other electronic device, a GPS tracker can also get damaged or stop working. A genuine company will repair or exchange the device for a new one. Choosing a GPS tracker with an unlimited or lifetime warranty is always a better option.

Monthly Subscription

If you want to buy a GPS tracker for your ATV, you should go for the one with a low monthly subscription. Since you are not buying it for any commercial purpose, the tracker with a low monthly subscription will solve all your basic needs.

Tech Support

Choose an ATV GPS tracker brand that provides you with quality service and genuine tech support. A GPS tracker is an intuitive device meant to be used by all age groups, but there are times when you might not understand the simplest of the functions. In such cases, an efficient tech support executive will make your tasks easy and solve your queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ATV GPS tracker?

An ATV GPS tracker is a device that is used to track the location of an ATV (all-terrain vehicle) in real-time using GPS technology.

Why do I need an ATV GPS tracker?

An ATV GPS tracker can help ensure the safety of your ATV, allow you to track its location in case it is stolen or lost, and provide peace of mind when using your ATV in remote areas.

What are the benefits of using an ATV GPS tracker?

The benefits of using an ATV GPS tracker include increased security and peace of mind, the ability to track the location of your ATV in real-time, and the ability to quickly recover a stolen or lost ATV.

How does an ATV GPS tracker work?

An ATV GPS tracker uses GPS technology to determine the location of the ATV and transmits that information to a remote server, where it can be accessed through a mobile app or web interface.

Are ATV GPS trackers easy to install?

Yes, most ATV GPS trackers are easy to install and can be done in just a few minutes.

What should I consider when choosing an ATV GPS tracker?

When choosing an ATV GPS tracker, it's important to consider factors such as battery life, accuracy, real-time tracking capabilities, durability, and compatibility with your mobile device.

Are ATV GPS trackers legal to use?

Yes, ATV GPS trackers are legal to use for personal and business purposes, but it is important to follow all laws and regulations related to the use of GPS tracking devices in your area.

Can an ATV GPS tracker be used on other types of vehicles, such as motorcycles or snowmobiles?

Yes, some ATV GPS trackers can be used on other types of vehicles, as long as they are compatible and have a secure mounting location.

Can I use an ATV GPS tracker to monitor the location of someone else's ATV without their consent?

It is important to use ATV GPS trackers responsibly and ethically, and it may be illegal to track the location of someone else's ATV without their consent.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know the features and benefits of ideal GPS trackers for ATVs, you can choose the one suitable for you. If you own an ATV and wish to track it for safety, you can get any of the best tracking devices listed above. All these GPS trackers are durable, feature-rich, and cost-efficient.

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